Schmuck: Olson, Sarfate out of Starting rotation

Peter Schmuck is reporting that Garrett_Olson_and_Dennis_Sarfate_have_been_removed_from_the_starting_rotation. Both are heading to the bullpen for now with possible demotations to come later. Their replacements will be named later. Schmuck believes Brian Bergesen will be Friday’s starter and throws out Brian Burres and Radhames Liz’s name for the other open spot.

This was an overdue move. Sarfate isn’t a starter but the team needed a body to pitch and threw him out there. It was a move that could have worked, but didn’t. He’s a bullpen guy who can be great on occassion, but that didn’t translate into his move into the rotation.

Olson is disappointing. Somehow’s got an 8-6 record, even though he’s sporting a rather_robust_6.38_ERA. Yesterday’s game was probably the clincher, going only 1.2 innings and giving up 5 runs. I’d rather not send him back to Norfolk was my previous opinion, but at this point he needs to go somewhere and get his confidence back. I don’ t think the bullpen is that place. He can go down to Norfolk and tear Triple A up again and maybe that’ll do the trick. My hope isn’t that he’s going to be a AAAA pitcher. There’s still plenty of time for him to turn around, but he’s going to turn it around in the bullpen or Norfolk.


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