Why You Don’t Turn the Game Off

Sunday has been the day where I’ve been able to watch an Orioles game without the distractions off the work week or social life. Sunday’s my lazy day where I usually don’t do much and baseball fits in well. This season, Sunday hasn’t been the day to pick to watch an Orioles game since they’ve only won 2 Sunday games all season.

Today, I get settled in and the game gets off to a swell start, 5-1 O’s. Then Garrett Olson melts down at the bottom of second and its a 5-5 game. Olson makes it 1.2 innings. I end up falling asleep and then wake up an catch up on the phone calls that I’ve wait for my free weekend minutes to return.

I turn the game back on expecting to see a 11-5 Tigers score. With Olson getting only 5 outs, my expectation was that Lance Cormier would be thrown out as a sacrafical lamb for most of the remainder of the game. Instead I see 16-6 O’s in the 8th.The bullpen’s given up only one run and the bats are on fire.  Shame on me.


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