Humpday Links: Matusz Update, Sarfate’s Self-Criticism

It’s Wednesday and I need an afterwork nap, but not before I throw a few links up.

  • Friday’s deadline is a coming, but 1st_round_picK-Brian_Matusz isn’t signed yet. The Sun indicates he wants a 5 million dollar signing bonus. Matt Wieters was paid a whooping 6 million dollars and h was picked a spot lower than Matusz. Wieters is slightly different in the fact that he’s a postional player and he is a definately a fast track prospect. I can see why the O’s would be balking a 5 million dollar bonus for a pitcher. Then again, I can see Matusz wanting to get a big bonus (and one that’s less than last year’s pick). It’s not my money though, so I’d like to see something worked out.
  • I don’t like Dennis Sarfate, Starting Pitcher. 7 times out of 10 I like Dennis Sarfate, Relief Pitcher. I’m a big fan of Dennis_Sarfate,_Self_Critic_ I like his honesty. If you’re not doing good, you’re not doing good. Having him in the rotation isn’t working and I like the fact that he’s honest about this. I’d have gotten a somewhat sick if he had said “Things are a little off right now, but I think I need some more starts and I’ll get to where I should be at.” Things are working in the rotation for him and as soon as someone’s ready (ie Hayden Penn…maybe..who knows) he’ll be back to the pen.
  • Oriole Post has plenty of swell_pictures_from_Sunday’s_fiasco_of_a_game.
  • Another video, this one of Rick_Krantiz_talking_about_Garrett_Olson. Olson’s been struggling this season, but I’d like to see them ride out the season with him. Sending him to Norfolk accomplishes nothing. He’s been lights out there and its time to see him make it. It’s been hit and miss with him a lot of season, and usually he’s been getting hit more often than he’s made them miss. There’s still plenty of time for the kid though.
  • Hayden Penn isn’t coming to Baltimore to take Sarfate’s spot yet. He’s pitching_Monday(tentatively)_for_the_Tides. A lot can change before Monday though. I mean by that that he could be called up or an anvil could fall on Pen or he gets locked in the Norfolk bathroon for the weekend or he sprains his ankle tying his shoe. The guy has a touch of bad luck.

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