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Words of Wisdom from Melvin Mora

image from baseball-almanac.com

image from baseball-almanac.com

Melvin Mora has been having a dandy_of_a_season. He’s having a productive year and has held off of the rigors of Father Time for the season. As much as I love a sweet Melvin Mora homer or one of his impromptu instinctive baserunning adventures, I love some Melvin Mora quotes even more. He’s got some fine quotes today_in_the_Sun.


“I don’t have nothing to prove. I’ve already done my job. You can check my numbers with all the third baseman in baseball right now and you can see for yourself,” Mora said tonight.

“I don’t care what people say. People talking about that can kiss my butt. That’s what I say. People don’t say that I was going to hit 20 home runs. People didn’t say Kevin Millar was going to hit 20 homers. They didn’t say Aubrey Huff was going to hit 300. What are they going to say now?”

“It’s the same thing I’ve been doing from the beginning,” said Mora. “The only thing is they haven’t been catching my ball. That’s it. When I was hitting in the .090s, I was doing the same thing. When I hit .340 [in 2004], I was doing the same thing. I haven’t changed a thing. I knew I could do better if my body feels good.”

Good stuff.

To summarize

  • Melvin’s been around, so he has nothing to prove.
  • If you criticize Melvin’s game, well…I guess you know what you can do.
  • Anyone who didn’t think Him and Millar would hit 20 dingers and doubted Huff would hit .300 are fools.
  • He’s never made an adjustment at the plate, never has and never will.
  • He feels good.

But then there’s this:

Mora, who says he wants to play until he’s 50,

That’s pretty scary.

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