The Legend of Lou Continues

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The legend of Chris Waters took a hit with a 4 inning 6 run outing, but the legend of Lou Montanez continues to grow. In his first start, he had a Paul Bunyan like performance with hitting a homer in his ever major league at bat. In his second start, he went 3 for 4 (all singles) with 1 RBI in a disgusting 15-7 loss.

It’s entertaining if nothing else. Perhaps Montanez is one of these guys who didn’t live up to the hype and caught onto it a little later. He was a 3rd overall pick, so the guy does have some talent. Maybe he’s lightning in a bottle and he’s a nice story to fill our time in during the dog days of the season. Regardless, it’s only 2 starts. Should he get playing time? Definately, let’s see what he’s got. Jay Payton will be an ex-Oriole after the season and Luke Scott isn’t going to be in leftfield everyday. Let’s revisit this after Montanez has at least double digit starts.

I can only judge him on the boxscores. Wednesday’s start I was working and today I was gone all day. I haven’t him play outfield and I haven’t seen at bat aside from a pinch hit the other day. That’s not definative judgement, but he’s batting .500 at the moment. That’s never a bad thing. I’m going to hold off on writing “The Ballad of Lou Montanez” though.

I’d love it if he was a late bloomer, but I’m not going to order my custom jersey just yet.


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  1. Have only seen Montanez less than a dozen times, but he look smooth, seems to be gaining confidence every day, is smart as a whip, and, early on was compared to Alex Rodriguez as a shortstop. Hello…….could this guy be our sleeper offensive ss in hiding? Just asking.

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