More on the Bradford Trade

Earlier today Chad_Bradford_was_traded_to_the_Rays. Bradford didn’t clear waivers, but was claimed by Tampa and a deal was worked out.

In case you didn’t know, the way the waiver process works is if an AL team puts a player on waivers, the player must clear waivers. Every team has a chance to claim the player. First if its an AL player, the worst AL team has first dibs and then it goes through the best AL team. If no AL team claims the player, then every NL team worst through first will have a chance to claim him. If the player does not get claimed then he can be traded to any team.

In Bradford’s case, he almost cleared AL waivers, but was claimed by Tampa. The O’s will get back a player from Tampa at a later date. The player is either on Tampa’s 40 man roster and couldn’t clear waivers or there could be a list of players the O’s and Rays agreed upon and then the O’s will spend a few weeks scouting to figure out which one they want.

Bradford was part of Duquette and Flannagan’s great bullpen spending spree of winter 2006. The O’s spent something like a billion dollars on relievers. The bullpen was rotten for the previous seasons and the team decided to bandage the wound with cash. Walker and Bradford were good last season. Baez was a trainwreck. This season Bradford was good, Walker not so much, and Baez missing the entire season.

The trade frees up 3.5 million bucks for the O’s, which could be 3.5 million dollars in the pot for a certain firstman who’ll be on the market in offseason. I’m not really thinking this was a salary dump because MacPhail could have just dumped him before the deadline for anything. The PTBNL later has to be better than Adam Stern quality.

I’m glad Bradford went to Rays.The Rays are the only other team in the AL East that I don’t hate (I actually don’t hate the Jays, but I don’t care for them). As long as he’s not key in defeating us in any games, I’ll be rooting for him. It cool to have reliable submariner in the bullpen. He did his job and left with the Oriole bullpen being a much much better place when he left.


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