Fredrick Keys have a No Hitter

The Fredrick Keys won by_no_hitting_the_Salem_Avalanche.

Brandon Erbe pitched 6 no hit innings. He struck out 7, walked 3, hit 2 batters, but most importantly gave up no hits. Ryan Ouellette got an out and Freddy Deza pitched the last 2.2 innings to get the save. The final score was 5-0.

The win brings Erbe’s season record to 9-10 and his ERA sits at 4.19. This season has been a rebound for Erbe. He entered last season coming off some early success in his first full season playing at Delmarva. His first season at Fredrick was rough in every sense of the word. Looking at his_stats, he’s made some huge strides from last year. With tonight’s win, his ERA is more than 2 points better than last season.

The one thing that stands out about Erbe is his BB to K ratio. His lone season at Delmarva is was 47 to 133. His first season at Fredrick was 62 to 111 and this season it stands at 41 to 129. That’s pretty good. We know the O’s could use some pitchers that don’t walk every other batter.

It’ll be another couple seasons til Erbe could possibly be ready for the majors. He just turned 20, so it’ll be a few seasons before he could be major league ready. Of course, I thought Hayden_Penn would be pitching for the majors, but with the luck that Penn has_had you’d think he was cursed.


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