Roberts to White Sox was Discussed

Remember this quote from Andy MacPhail after the trade deadline expired?

“We had opportunities to do something stupid, and we didn’t do it,”

Then I saw this article_today.

To sum it up…

*Here’s a juicy one. Word is Williams would have only traded shortstop Orlando Cabrera to one team, the Orioles. Sounds like the Sox were close to getting second baseman Brian Roberts. Alexei Ramirez would have moved to short.

If it was a Roberts for Cabrera straight up swap, that would have been truly stupid. Certainly the White Sox would have had to kick in some kids to make the deal happen. The problem is that White Sox farm system has been constantly depleted on trading for veterans. Orlando Cabrera? Eh, He’s a good shortstop but look at his_numbers. He’s going to turn 34 next month. I’m pretty sure that he’s a free agent after the season as well. He wouldn’t have been a fix for the shortstop position, just a very expensive stopgap. Expensive in terms of money (he’s making $8.5 million this season) and tradewise (Brian Roberts is still the biggest tradechip the O’s have, using on Cabrera wouldn’t have been wise).

If the White Sox would have sent Cabrera, Gavin Floyd, and a decent prospect to the O’s for Brian Roberts plus a marginal prospect, then it would have been worth listening too. It didn’t happen, so I guess we’ll never know.


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