Olson has another strong start

It seemed like a week ago that Garrett Olson was on the ropes in terms of being in the rotation along with Radhames Liz and Brian Burres. July_was_not_a_kind month for Olson. Of course, Liz was sent down and Burres was moved to the pen and then to Norfolk. His previous start, he went 6 strong against the Angels and held them to only 2 runs.

Last night against the Mariners, he did even better. 8.1 innings and 3 runs. The fact that he went into the 9th inning is the biggest part. Liz, Burres, and Olson hadn’t been able to pitch more than 5 innings on a regular basis. As good as the bullpen has been, they’ve been getting used up 3 out of 5 starts and then if God fordid, Jeremy Guthrie or Daniel Cabrera have a bad outing…then bullpen gets used up even more.

If Olson can use this start and step up to be a 7 inning pitcher, he’s getting there. I don’t want to see Olson demoted to Norfolk because you what he’s going to do. He’s going to go down there and rattle off 7 wins with some sick ERA around 1. He’s got nothing else to learn in the minors, let him learn in the majors.

Olson’s final line against the Mariners:

8.1 innings      11 hits    3 runs (all earned)   1 BB     1 K      11 ground outs-fly outs


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