New York Press Discovers Daniel Cabrera has Control Issues

The New York Daily News went_after_Daniel_Cabrera after the alleged beaning of Alex Rodriguez with some heckling and some bad stats. Hey, O’s fans don’t need New York writers telling us that Daniel Cabrera walks a lot of people. We don’t need them telling us he’s hit a number of batters and throws more than his fair share of wild pitches. Where were they? Sleeping under a rock? Writing love poems to Derek Jeter? Digging throw Alex Rodriguez’s trash for tabloid fodder? Thanks for finally letting us now that Daniel Cabrera’s control is spotty. I wasn’t sure that it was, but now that the New York Press says, I know it as a fact.

I love this quote from an unnamed Oriole

“He’s leading the league in (expletive) walks,” the player was overheard saying. “You think he’s got pinpoint control?”

I love how by beating the Yankees 2 out of 3 and hitting A-Rod, suddenly the O’s and Yankees are back to the old days of the early 90’s. Even if it’s for a few days, its nice having the hatred between the Orioles and Yankees run through the presses again.


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