Cabrera Suspended 6 games

A stupid ejection leads to a stupid suspension. Daniel Cabrera gets_6_games_off for “throwing” at Alex Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Yankees reliever Edwar Ramirez gets only 3 games for actually throwing at Kevin Millar. Both were ejected from the game.

Cabrera shouldn’t have been tossed in the first place. Why would a pitcher who was cruising through a game decide to throw it away for a shot at Rodriguez.


“There had been no warnings prior to that point in the game,” said Fairchild. “But my thinking with the ejection is when Alex came to bat the prior time, he had hit a home run. And the very first pitch his next at-bat was up towards the head area. I deemed that pitch intentional and I removed Cabrera from the game.”

A-Rod didn’t_think_it_was_intentional:

Rodriguez, who singled in the first and cut the O’s 2-0 lead in half with a sixth-inning homer, said “No,” when asked if he thought Cabrera threw at him intentionally.

It’s stupid and I hope its appealed. Cabrera will end up missing 2 starts if its upheld. The scary thought is, who will start those 2 games? Penn? Bergsen? or ugh…Burres?

When I was reached for comment I said

 This is a stupid decision.


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