The 11th Hour- Trade Deadline Speculation

This afternoon is the trading deadline. There’s not many rumors coming from the warehouse and the Orioles usually don’t do much at the deadline. Last season we saw Steve Trachsel get moved for Rocky Cherry and Scott Moore after the trading deadline when all had to pass through waivers. In the offseason, we saw all the action with Bedard and Miggy. I’m not expecting much action with the O’s today, but if the O’s were to make moves, who would be the ones to go?

  • Brian Roberts- We’ve been on this merry go-round before. He could go. But I doubt this move happens now. If it were to happen, I think it would happen in the offseason. Teams that I’m guessing would interested would be the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Cardinals, White Sox, and perhaps the Twins. I think he’ll be held onto and whatever moves do or don’t happen (signing Mark Teixiera or not) determines his longterm future in Baltimore.
  • George Sherrill- He’s been a nice surprise, but I have to think MacPhail would want to sell high. I’ve read he’s available, then he’s not, then he might be but only for the right package. Sherrill’s number of saves has made him look more valuable than he is. He’s good, don’t get me wrong…but I don’t think a team should give up 2 top prospects for George Sherrill. I hope they do though.  Brewers, Cubs, Marlins, Red Sox, Cardinals, and Phillies are all teams that could make a run at Sherrill.
  • Aubrey Huff- He’s having a great season, but there’s little to no trade buzz around Huff. While Huff’s mashing the ball, he’s still a DH. Yeah, he plays a little 3rd and 1st on occassion, but he’s no defensive whiz. That rules out most of the NL. Maybe an AL team makes a run at him. I’m pure guessing here but maybe Tigers, Twins, I dunno.
  • Chad Bradford and Jamie Walker- They’re both available, but might not be dealt until the waiver deadline. Walker’s not having the season he had last season, but he’s been hurt for a chunk of the season. Bradford is relible at worst. Pretty much any team could use these guys and it wouldn’t take a ton to get them.
  • Ramon Hernandez- Pennies on the dollar. He’s not the player he was when he signed here. His defense is declining. He can’t throw out baserunners. He’s rebounded somewhat at the plate, but anything the O’s can get for him, take it and run. Marlins need a catcher, Tigers might.
  • Kevin Millar- Need a good clubhouse guy who’s a wacky prankester but also a leader? Call Andy MacPhail. Millar’s having a decent year, but he is what he is. A playoff contender needing a bench guy could do a lot worse. The Rays, Mets, come to mind.

I’m not predicting anything major today, but I’ve got faith in Andy MacPhail. Things will get done, but maybe just not on the timetable we want. A bunch of trades would look cool to come home to today, but I’d rather wait another couple months and have a better trade happen, if that’s the case. I don’t want trades to be made, just to trade. I want some trades to happen that will make this team better in the long run.


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