Season to Date Grades- Ramon Hernandez and Adam Jones

I wanted to do a season thus recap as the O’s stand close to the 2/3rd mark of the season. The simplest way to do it is the old position, grade, and remarks. I’ve done that before and its just going through the motions. Do I really need to give players letter grades like my 2nd grade teacher? For this post I will. I’m going to break it down and review a few players a pop.

Today let’s look at Ramon Hernandez and Adam Jones in the old Second Grade style.

“Ramon Hernandez, you have not been playing up to your potential this season. I know you are capable of doing better work. Your batting average is a meak .253. The 12 HR and 43 are actually an improvement over last season. Where my concern is, and I’ve called your parents to set up a parent teacher conference over this matter, your defense. Baserunners are running all over you. They’re actually bullying you. Of 70 attempts, you’ve only caught 19. Your errors currently sit at 8 and your fielding percentage is at .985. I’m worried, you’re on the verge of failing this season and I’m writing that on your body for work for this season with this red felt tip pen.”

“Adam Jones, you’ve been improving as the season progresses. The start of the season was especially rough but you’ve gotten better both offensively and defensively. Your fielding percentage is at .993 and you have only 2 errors. Some of the plays that you’ve made in the outfield  have been spectacular. Your offense has been a work in progress. 7 homers and 48 RBI is good work for your first full year in the majors. I am concerned somewhat about the 19 BB to 89 K ratio. Maybe you should spend a little time with Terry Crowley before the game (and if you already are, then stop). I’m very impressed with your work so far, I feel its worth a B. I’m giving you a gold star and a couple for a free personal pizza at your local pizzeria. Keep up the good work.”


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