Liz down, Walker back

According to O’,_Radhames_Liz_is_being_sent_back_to Norfolk and Jamie Walker returns to Balitmore after a month long bout with left elbow inflammation.

With his stats_as_my_evidence, Liz has looked worse and worse with each start. His ERA is a rotund 7.47. His strikeouts to walks ration is nearly dead even at 33 to 32 and he’s allowing over a hit an inning. It looks like he might have been rushed up, but with Steve Trachsel and Adam Loewen’s pitching careers ending…someone had to come up. Maybe some time in Norfolk helps out. Liz’s demotion results in an opening in the pitching rotation. His spot can be skipped this week, but what about next week? I’m thinking out loud here…..might we have a sighting of the elusive Hayden Penn?

Liz took the demotion in stride with the usual company lines.

“I know I’m going to be OK,” said Liz. “You’re never waiting for them to send you down. All the time you spend working to be here, you know you have to be mentally strong. … You’ve got to be prepared for when things like that come.”

Jamie Walker’s back. I hope too that the Jamie Walker of last season is back. Walker hasn’t been too good this season, but his shoulder hasn’t right either.

Says Walker:

“No rocketships. No laser show,” Walker said, referring to a clubhouse term for hard line drives. “I actually got popups. My fastball was down, my changeup had good sink on it and I finally threw some good curves. No pain today.”


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