Joke Time with Dan O’Dowd

I was checking out Ken Rosenthal’s column today, hoping to see some good trade rumors and I saw this laugher.

Earlier this week, the Rockies took a run at Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie, offering infielder Clint Barmes, but the O’s had no interest in trading their best pitcher.

Here’s the link.

Would I mind a trade for Clint_Barmes? He’ll be better than the rag tag bunch of dimestore mercenaries that the O’s have employed at short thus far. Barmes is close to 30, has been quite familiar with the DL, doesn’t_know_how_to_handle_deer_meat, and is quite medicore. If he was to be trade for say either Jay Payton or Jamie Walker plus a prospect….I’d be fine with that. The Rockies wouldn’t.

I don’t blame Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd for aiming high, but this is skyhigh. To ask a team with pitching problems for their best pitcher for a bland stopgap shortstop is laughable. Jeremy Guthrie’s a great pitcher and to give him up, its going to have be for something more than just Clint Barmes. Who does O’Dowd think Andy MacPhail is? Bill Bavasi?



One Response

  1. Or you could call this, “Joke Time with Ken Rosenthal”.

    I am still convinced that Ken makes up half the trade rumors he puts in his columns. Or that his sources make them up.

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