Brandon Fahey is America

As we celebrated our independence on July 4th, one scrappy little waif mustered out some gutsy play and showed us what the game of baseball, America’s game, was all about. It’s not about being the biggest guy on the field with the biggest muscles. Its not about being the most known player. It’s not about being that guy who everyone wants on your team.

Sometimes, its the littlest guy on the field who plays a great game. That’s spirit of America. Anybody can come out and have a big game. It might by their only huge game. There’s plenty of players who had one big game (see Ryan O’Malley for the Cubs, that kid who threw the no-hitter a few years ago for the Rockies) and that might their only big game.

But the Spirit of America IS BRANDON FAHEY. He looks like the kid who plays on the sandlot, gets into a bunch of crazy madcap neighborhood misadventures, and in the evening all the gang stops by Old Mrs. Fletcher’s house for a big piece of apple pie and a big glass of whole milk.


Brandon Fahey is America

Brandon Fahey went 2-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI yesterday. Chew on that David Eckstein. Oddly, I don’t know if I’m being sarcastic or not. Seriously. The spirit of America stuff, yeah, but at the moment…I’d rather stick with Fahey and Cintron rather than Eckstein.

Anyway, Fahey filled in for Brian Roberts, who wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday. Freddie Bynum returned to play short and had 3 RBI, which was an offensive explosion from a guy who had previously mustered only 5 RBI.

Couple of other things:

  • Ryan Bukvich should be sent back to Norfolk
  • Aubrey Huff got RBI number 53 yesterday
  • I think its time Trembley and company thinks about moving Adam Jones up in the order. He went 2-4 yesterday with 2 RBI. His average is up to .279 now.  Jones in the 2 spot would sound good. Markakis could go to third in the order, and Huff in the 4 hole.
  • Melvin Mora’s woes at the plate march on. His average is down to .227.

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