Dignity for Breadsticks

What would it take for you to really kick a man while he’s down?

Certainly most of us would refrain from a belittling a man further when he’s already been chewed up and spit out in the most public of the public eye.

But still there’s that part of us that smells the blood in the water and we want a little more than just a pound of flesh. While Jay Gibbons was with the Orioles, I soured on him over his last few seasons and I said my piece. He got injuried every season. His power evaporated. He whined about losing his spot in the outfield. He got hurt again. His name was in the Mitchell Report. He owned up to it. The Orioles released him before the season started. He sent letters to every team begging for a chance to play any place in their organizations. Then he got signed by the Long Island Ducks of the Pacific League, where he’s donating his minor league salary to charity (which is a nice enough gesture).

So Jay Gibbons is down. I’m not exactly weaping for someone who’s made over 15 million dollars over a thus far medicore major career. I’m give this to Gibbons though, he’s been one of the ones who’s repeated apologized for using hgh. When you’re begging for a job, you have to be extra contrite. But now, you rarely…if ever..hear anything about Andy Pettite, Brian Roberts, Jose Gullien etc. being named in the Mitchell Report. I still see stuff about Gibbons and Nook Logan. Both are were unemployed before finally being picked up by the Pacific League. I don’t view this as much as being blackballed, its more like these guys are more marginal (at best players) and teams have better options in their own systems.

I saw this article about Gibbons’ most recent game in PCL. It’s depressing.

The Ducks had a road trip and played the York Revolution. The crowd picks a player who they think will strike out during the game. If the player picked does strike out during the game then the crowd gets free Pizza Hut breadsticks.

Gibbons was picked as the “Pizza Hut K-Man.” He goes up for his first at bat. According to the article, the crowd really gives to him. They boo him. They jeer him. They tell him how much of a rotten player they think he is. They’re all over him. He strikes out on three pitches. The crowd goes wild. Everyone’s getting free breadsticks. Woo hoo. Gibbons would go down again on three pitches in his next at bat too. The crowd gives him the same reception that at bat as well.

Jay Gibbons has went from the penthouse to the outhouse. He’s gone from a starter on a big league team with a fat contract to being¬†branded a steroid user and playing for peanuts in lowest level in outcast baseball. He’s got his money. If I was him, I’d probably take my money and fade away into the sunset. He’s still out there hoping for a second chance.

Again, I wasn’t the biggest Jay Gibbons fan and I’m relieved that he was released. I wish him well in the PCL. Maybe he can get a second shot. Its a shame that he’s been reduced to being nothing but Jeer Fodder to Bread Stick Hungry fans.


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