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A Couple of Things 6/30

In kind of a rush and wordpress’ toolbar is down, so pardon the lack of links. If you want to see the articles that I’m meaning, just go to Orioles.com…these are all things mentioned on the front page.

-Brandon Fahey’s back….HOO R—ugh. Frankly, Cintron has looked bad defensively in what I’ve seen of him. I guess if he can catch the call and not botch plays…he’ll do for the moment. Oscar Salzaar goes down to make room for the man, the myth, the Fahey.

-Word is (again, check O’s.com or Ken Rosenthal’s column for this one) that the O’s are interest in the Nat’s Felipe Lopez. There was a time when people thought Lopez was going to be a special player. That hasn’t worked out. He apparently has some off the field issues and some feel that he’s dogging it on the field. If the O’s give up nothing special for him, I suppose its worth a gamble if the team can’t possibly can’t find anything anywhere else. Of course, this is a rent a player situation where the team wants to have a servicable body at short this season. I’m hoping this happening, but he’d be the shortstop this team would have all season. That’s kind of like being the tallest midget, but I digress.

-Matt Albers is out of the season with a torn labrum. That one hurts. Albers has been a great player for the bullpen. He’s been that swingman who would pitch the seventh, pitch 3 innings when the starter couldn’t make it, or spot start. I’ve noticed his last few outings that he’s been off his game. This stinks. Hopefully, he can come back after surgery healthy and strong and pick up where he left off. I hate it though.

Labrum injuries aren’t very common, but the O’s got two players in the same trade who either had one or got one. We knew Patton was hur, that’s the reason that the O’s were able to get him. Albers just got hurt. Its freaky, but it happens. It was a good trade then and in a few years, I think it’ll be a better trade. I feel rotten for Albers though. That’s a bad break.

-With Albers out, what about the pen? Fernando Cabrera is back with the team and pitched last night. I don’t think he’s long relief though. Adam Loewen is coming back and he can fill that role, hopefully. Everything about Adam Loewen now, I hafta just cross my fingers and hope something works out. He can pitch multiple innings and make a spot start, hopefully. Randor Bierd should be back at some point soon.

-Hey, we took 2 out of 3 from the Cubs. That was a fun trip to Wrigley. I’m hoping for 2 out 3 from the blasted Nats now.

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