Mandatory Teixeria Post

This isn’t my first post on this and I’m sure it would be the last…

I watched some of Mark Teixiera’s 3 homer game on Sunday and of course, I thought about his impending free agency. There’s the whole bit that we’ve heard a bazillion times about Teixiera: That he’s a local boy and he’s said the right things about the possibility of playing in Baltimore, that Peter Angelos supposedly has a crush on him, that signing him would suddenly result in sellouts every night, that signing him would speed up the O’s rebuilding, and that bringing him aboard would cure cancer and stop global warming.

I’ve been on the fence about signing him. The thought of signing him is nice, but it somehow seems to undermind the whole rebuilding effort. If the team is committed to rebuilding it just seems that spending 20 million a year on then 29 year old first baseman is kind of the opposite of what should be done.

A few things that I’ve mulled over.

1. We have no first baseman on the big team and there’s really nothing in the minors that’s going to be a help anytime soon at all. Kevin Millar is what he is. He’s a good clubhouse guy, doesn’t embarrass himself at the plate, but he’s a stopgap. Signing Teixiera would turn a weakness into a strength. Since there’s nothing within the team to help at first anytime soon, Teixiera makes sense in that aspect.

2. Here’s the part where I dream about possiblities.

If Brian Roberts does not get traded, If Adam Jones develops into something of the player that we hope he’ll be, If Nick Markakis gets some lineup protection, If Teixiera signs, and if Matt Wieters becomes the franchise player that he’s hype to be….that’s a lot of ifs, but if the ifs turn out to be reality…then that’s a solid 1-5

Roberts leading off, Jones hitting second, Markakis hitting third, and then Wieters/Teixiera in whatever order in the 4 and 5 spots. That could be the makings of a sweet lineup.

3. What if Teixeria becomes the next Tejada?

This is the one thing that worries. Brian Roberts could very likely be traded soon. Then if a lot the other ifs that I just mentioned might not happen. What if the O’s rebuilding effort takes a few years (which it will). Signing Teixeria isn’t going to be the magic wand that some think its going to be. If he signs a 5 year/100 million deal to come here and the team struggles the first 3 years, is he going to grumble and pull a few Tejada-esque trade demands. Remember, towards the end of his tenture in Texas, he wasn’t exactly a happy camper. Is this going to happen in Baltimore?

In the end, if he signs here, he signs here. I’m not violently opposed to it but I’m not praying every night that it happens. It has its pros and a few cons. I really do think that the O’s will make a push to sign him. I really wish I had a firm stance on this one…but I don’t. If it happens, then I think he can help.


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  1. Lol, you should be worried if Tex becomes Tejada.

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