Miggi returns to Birdland

I had fully intended to have this up before yesterday’s game, but things happen. Anyway, Miggi’s back in Baltimore with the Astro’s. They lost to the mighty O’s as they came back from behind again to win 6-5.

Last year when Miggi got traded, I was relieved. It had to happen and it needed to happen. Tejada’s a good player. He has a good bat but his defense is average. With the freakshow the O’s have at short right now, it really makes me look back at Tejada with some rose colored glasses.

Towards the end, he was wearing me with the trade requests and subsequent denials that he requested a trade. That was where I was getting tired of it. I know he only to be on a winning team and last year’s Orioles were anything but that. Then when you’re someone like Tejada who gets reassured that the team is going to get some big time players to help him out and then Jay Payton and Aubrey Huff get signed that’s not the help you need. That was the Oriole way of the past decade though.

He did get under my skin sometimes with the trade requests and lack of hustle. A few years in a losing culture might kill your hustle a little, but that’s no way to justify it.

Tejada’s a good player and I hope does well in Houston. I hate it when a player gets traded and comes back and gets booed. I missed the game last night, so I don’t know what the crowd reaction was. Hopefully it was positive. He put in his time with some bad teams and had some great seasons here. The one that comes to mind best was 2004 with 34 HR and 150 RBI. After that, his numbers still didn’t come close that year…but he did he still was one of the few reasons to watch the O’s during those years.

MacPhail sold at the right time on Tejada (and Bedard). Tejada should have been traded a year or so earlier. But the bunch we got is doing ok. Luke Scott has been the best thing I’ve seen in Left Field for years. Dennis Sarfate and Matt Albers have been a big part of the bullpen revival. Mike Constanzo is in the minors and Troy Patton is out for the year. Its been an even trade really for both sides. Tejada started in Houston on a tear, but he’s cooled a little as of late. So, I thank him for his four seasons here. Things didn’t work out here but that’s ok. The Orioles needed to rebuild. Tejada wouldn’t be an asset whenever the Orioles would be ready to compete. Tejada could net a few pieces helpful to the rebuild and Tejada needed a change of scenery away.

 I’ll watch the game tonight and see Freddie Bynum (or hopefully Alex Cintron…though that’s almost a push) and then see Tejada at short at the top of the next inning. No, he wasn’t a plus defender, but sometimes you don’t miss somebody til they’re gone.


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