Few Things 6/15

A few things

  • The O’s took 2 out of 3 from the Pirates in a surprisingly tight series. Not that we’re scores better than the Pirates or anything. But I was expecting some bland baseball this series. Not the case.
  • The O’s are back at .500 with a 34-34 record. Everytime they fall back to .500, I say to myself “It’s been a nice run” and resign myself to sub .500 ball the rest of the season. Then they crank off a few wins, lose a few more, go back to .500 and I say the same thing. Repeat. Repeat and rinse.
  • It irks me sometimes when Trembley brings in Jay Payton as a defensive sub in the late innings for Luke Scott. I know that Scott isn’t a gold glover out there, but Jay Payton ain’t that great either. I know he’s slightly better, but if the game is tight and Payton comes in the 8th inning and then has to bat in Scott’s spot at the top of the 9th, I hate that. Scott’s offense makes up for whatever he might lack defensively. His defense is actually much better than I expected. Payton’s late inning appearances, I feel, are more of a way to appease Payton rather than game strategy. I could be wrong.
  • Daniel Cabrera apparently was shaky today. I didn’t see him, so I can’t judge. He went 6 innings, gave up 4 runs, 5 BB, and 2 K’s. His last few outings have been a step back. I’m crossing my fingers that he’s just having a few bad starts and not reverting to his old ways.
  • Dennis Sarfate became a dad today, on Father’s Day. What are the odds.
  • Off day tomorrow, before The Houston Astros and you know (more on that tomorrow) come to Baltimore, then it’s 3 at the Brewers, 3 against the Cubs at Wrigley, and then Interleague wraps up with 3 at the much hated Nats new place.

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