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Roberts for Weeks?

Ken Rosenthal mentions today that the Brewers are interested in Brian Roberts and ponders whether Rickie Weeks would come back to the O’s.

Here’s a deal that makes sense: Brian Roberts for Rickie Weeks. The Brewers, who recently had two scouts watching the Orioles, are interested in Roberts, but it remains to be seen whether they are ready to give up on Weeks.

Roberts, a more accomplished leadoff hitter and better defender than Weeks, is a more natural fit for a contender. The Orioles, meanwhile, could be patient with Weeks defensively, much as the Twins are being patient with the erratic Carlos Gomez. Weeks would be another young, athletic building block to go with Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.

A straight-up deal might be out of the question, considering that Roberts is a free agent after next season while Weeks is under club control through 2011. But the Orioles could add a young pitcher or even one of their veteran relievers while perhaps getting another piece back in return.

Rickie Weeks? I’m not wild about this rumor. Weeks is one of those players who have had more hype than results. There’s still plenty of time for him to become a great player, he’s only 25. His career stats are very blah. Maybe the change of scenery could do it for him, but I had that line of reasoning. A good player will be a good player anywhere. Sometimes they might not be in the right situation, but they can produce. I championed the change of scenery logic with one Corey Patterson. That didn’t quite pan out.

I like that rumors are that they’re looking to deal Roberts for positional players. They’ve got some pitching in the pipeline, but besides Matt Wieters, the cupboard is rather sparse on positional players. With Weeks, the upside is there. I’m not too eager to swap our biggest trade chip for Weeks. Rosenthal said Roberts plus a minor league pitcher for Weeks and some other Brewer minor leaguer. Getting Weeks at the moment is buying low. When you’re buying low, you shouldn’t have to give up one your best players plus someone else for a young player who hasn’t really done in parts of 5 seasons. If he gets it together and does what he’s supposed, its worth it. If he comes over here and does what he’s done, Roberts was wasted. I’m not going for that at all.

I kind of wish that Roberts for Cedeno, Gallagher, and whoever else woulda happened. But it didn’t.

3 Responses

  1. Ken Rosenthal is a tool. I wish I could get paid to make crap up off the top of my head.

    For the Brewers to get Roberts, it’s going to take Weeks and more. The Orioles aren’t going to have to send anything but Roberts. It is lopsided to trade those guys straight up…in the Brewers’ favor!

    If the Brewer’s want him, they’ll see him up close and personal on June 20th…

  2. The difference between this deal and Corey Patterson is that to get Patterson, the Orioles didn’t surrender much of value. Roberts is decidedly better than Hairston or Fontenot.

  3. Roberts is expensive and under control for only a couple years. He’s not a treasure. I doubt the Brewers would do the trade straight up and you think that’s a bad trade. When both sides don’t like it, it doesn’t happen. Think of it as runs or dollars or wins over the period of control of Roberts. Its not that much and it would cost millions. Then Baltimore would have Weeks for years after that. You guys love Roberts and think he is a treasure, keep him. Resign him. Enjoy.

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