A few things of note

A few things to mention of note.

  • With the 4th pick of the draft, the Orioles pick LHP Brian Matusz. The word seems to be that Matusz can move up pretty quick through the O’s system ala Wieters. Its not a bad pick. MacPhail has made it clear that he wants the O’s to be stacked when it comes to pitching. With Tillman, Butler, Arrieta, Bascom, Erbe, Beato, (to name a few) all in the minors, a few of them are going to work and a few won’t. You only need 5 starters and with Olson doing good thus far and Liz coming off a good debut, there’s hope with the future of the rotation. Matusz could be up on the big club by 2010. I’m fine with the drafting of Matusz. I would have liked drafting fellow South Carolina native Justin Smoak, but I guess they’re going to fill the first base hole by signing Mark Teixeria. Passing on Smoak and drafting Xavier Avery (CF), Jerome Hoes (2nd Base), Kyle Hudson (CF), Greg Miclat (SS), and Richard Zagone (RHP) doesn’t address the hole that is first base. The obvious solution this that they’re gunning on Tex in the offseason.


  • Do I support the signing of Teixeria. There’s plenty of pros and some cons. I’m internally debating this. I’m going to think a little more and make my position clear in due time.


  • The O’s.com (go there for the link..I’m too lazy to link tonight) is reporting that when Adam Loewen comes back, he’s coming back in the bullpen…for the rest of the season. Its a swell idea. Bring him back and let him throw an inning or maybe even two. It kills two birds with one stone. It gets Loewen back and going and that’s the end of Trachsel era in Baltimore. If all goes well, maybe Loewen will be back in the rotation next season or maybe he’ll be in the pen again. Who knows. What he needs is another season in the minors, but that contract of his won’t let that happen.
  • George Sherrill got his 20th save today as the O’s beat the Twins 3-2. Nick Markakis and Adam Jones homered as the O’s increased their season win total over the Twins 200% over last season.

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