Liz has a good night

Radhames Liz didn’t look too bad in his first outing of the season tonight. The final line for Liz was:

5.1 innings 4 hits 2 ER 1 BB and 4 K

He ran into a little trouble in the 6th with a trio of doubles, outside of that he was in control. I wasn’t as optimistic that he’d turn in something like this, but he did. It would have been nice if he turned in 6 innings, but hey..I’m not going to be a stickler here. He had a good night and it was a lot nicer seeing him pitch than Steve Trachsel.

It’ll be interesting to see how the next few starts go for Liz. If he fares a similiar results, maybe we could get all giddy about him being a solution to a rotation spot.

Quick Rotation overview

Jeremy Guthire- Has been pretty good so far, but the offense takes the day off every time he takes the mound.

Daniel Cabrera- Woooooo Hooooogity Hoo. He’s looked go this season. I keep thinking he’s going to implode, but he’s still looking good.

Garrett Olson- Not too bad this season. Has plenty of room for improvement, but he’s holding his own in the big leagues.

Brian Burres- He’s been ok until his last two performances. The back to back stinkers against the Yanks and Bo Sox worry me. I’m going to wait to see how he does in his next few starts before I cast further judgement.



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