Homerun Derby

  • Bottom of the 8th, Kyle Farnsworth throws 4 or 5 pitches to Freddie Bynum with Adam Jones at first. During Bynum’s at bat, Farnsworth throws at least ten attempted pickoffs to first to try to get Jones. At first it was close, after the first five pitches…Jones gets the idea. Farnsworth still throws and still throws over there. I’ve always hated the repeated attempted pickoff pitch. The exception of course is when Derek Jeter gets picked off at first like he did tonight. To Jeter’s defense, it couldn’t have possibly been his fault. Nothing ever is.
  • How about those homers tonight. The O’s went back to back twice tonight. Millar hit two. Ramon, Scott, and Mora all hit one apiece. The Yanks also got in the action, with 4 of their own.
  • Neither starter was effective tonight. Brian Burres went only 3.2. He served up all 8 runs and 4 homers. That means the bullpen has a shutout going thus far. Kennedy only went 3 and was obviously, not effective either.
  • I thought Lance Cormier would be a Broweresque disaster. So far, he’s filling Randor Bierd’s shoes pretty good. He went 2 scoreless tonight and has an ERA of 1.59. I doubt he’ll keep that up, but I’m not going to hate on him. He’s doing a good so far. Hope he keeps it up.
  • I wish Trembley would have keep Jim Johnson in for the ninth instead of going with Sherrill. Johnson can pitch multiple innings and is more of a shutdown pitcher than Sherrill. Besides, I’d rather save him for a save opportunity. The pen is getting spent. As I type this, Sherrill strikes out Jeter.
  • Rain…nasty rain. Looking like a delay is heading our way.
  • Trachsel’s status? Trembley has said (I’ll link to this in a day or two) “When the team needs a 5th starter, we’ll use Steve.” In other words, they’d rather use a 4 man rotation rather than use Traschel. No complaints out of me. Looks like he’ll be DFA’ed in a week or two.  

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