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Steve Trachsel…not too good

Looks like the layoff did not pay off for Steve Trachsel. The Rays stole his lunch tonight and made him their own personal batting tee tonight.

The line for Steve Trachsel is downright ugly

1.2 innings- 7 hits 9 runs (all earned) 2 walks 1 K and 2 homers, both of which were hit by Evan Longoria who owned Trachsel.

So yeah, this is probably the end of the road for Trachsel. That average start in KC bought him another shot albeit on a short leash. I read on the Sun’s site that Krantiz worked with him and tweaked something but sadly I think the only way Krantiz could salvage Trachsel is if he had a time machine.

I’m not going to hate on Trachsel and say how bad he is and how he needs to be cut now. Obviously, he’s not good anymore and he does need to go. He’s got a 8.82 ERA and he looks worse and worse from start to start. The guy’s always been a medicore pitcher who just managed to get by on the skin of his teeth and his ability to slow the game down to a snail’s pace.

Of course, I know that he’s trying his best out there. I know he’s not going out trying to be bad. He’s trying but at this point, he’s running on fumes. Some pitches can get by on finese and pitch til they’re 45, look at Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, or Roger Clemens. Trachsel ain’t that guy. He’s been playing for a long time and he’s gotten by. Now he’s spent. DFA and let him ride off into the sunset.

For his spot in the rotation….Albers and Johnson can start. I’d rather them stay in the pen where they’re doing good in the roles they have. If one of the two have to start, I’d take Albers. Hayden Penn or Radhames Liz could be called up. Liz needs to stay in the minors for awhile longer, maybe Penn. That’s doubtful, because Rocky Cherry or Fernando Cabrera will probably take Trachsel’s spot, thus Albers or Johnson will take that role.

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