Sometimes the Worm Turns quickly…

One thing that I’m guilty of, and for that fact every fan is, is being fickle. My man crush on a certain player can end abruptly. It can stay that way forever (ie Jay Gibbons) or it can resume when that player comes back around (ie Daniel Cabrera). I thought about this while watching the game tonight. I turned in on wanting to catch a few innings before I left for Friday night activities. Ramon Hernandez was at bat and I saw his average. It’s sitting at a paltry .208 with an OBP of .244 that would even embarrass Corey Patterson. I thought back on 2006 when he first came to the Orioles. That season he hit 23 HR and had 91 RBI and thus I loved Ramon. That was the career year for Ramon. He had the most homers and the most RBIs of his career. Sadly, I doubt he’ll match those numbers. 2007, I was expecting a banner year from Ramon. The logical part of me knew that he was unlikely to match those numbers and cautioned my fanside to tempered the expectations to more of his career norms. The deluisonal fanside of me said “He was great last season, know that THE Aubrey Huff will batting in front of him…he can do even better.”

That was a false and foolish statement to believe. Ramon was not in the best of shape and had that nagging oblique injury all season. I didn’t sour on him because I knew he was hurt. 2008…I thought, He’ll be back.

In training camp, Dave Trembley said “Ramon was rebuilt and revitalized” and “Ramon is the best shape of his life.” If that shape was a circle, I’d believe it. Behind the plate and at the plate, he doesn’t look good. To his credit, he does work with the pitchers well. We now drool at the prospect of Matt Wieters behind the plate and Ramon else where. It’s just another example of players we once love and then we fall out of love with. Sometimes the love returns, other times the love is gone.

A few notable ones from the past:

Jay Gibbons- I thought Jay Gibbons was gonna be a star outfielder with a power bat. That was far far far far from the truth.

Javy Lopez- I watched him with the Braves and figured he’d a solid addition to the club. Lopez did nothing with the O’s cept for whine and moan and sit on the DL.

Chris Ray- 06, my fanside said “Ray is gonna be a stud closer.” He still might be a ok closer. Last season was not good for him and it could be for the fact he was pitching hurt. I’ll reserve judgement for later on him. But the love was not was it was. This also applies to Adam Loewen. Although, I’m more optimistic that Ray will return and can be a viable pitcher rather than Loewen.

Todd Williams- There was a point where I thought Todd Williams was a useful bullpen arm. He had good days and bad days, but usually the good days outnumbered the bad. Then the bottom fell out and there were no good days. Every appearance Williams made made me literally sick.

There’s plenty more that I add to this list and I’ll probably do that later in a different post. You love some players and you hate some. Sometimes you can love a certain player forever. Sometimes the worm turns and the player who gave you 2 good seasons suddenly falls apart. Sure you stand by your player for a season or so and hope the boat rights itself. Sometimes though, the ship sinks and all you can do is to boo the ship as it sinks to the depths beneath.


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