O’s crushing Yanks

The game is in the bottom of the sixth, so the crushing is not complete…

First off, the posting has been slightly sparse lately, but due to the number of off days the O’s have had, my work schedule, and having a full social plate lately…I’ve been busy. But now I’m back.

I miss the first 4 innings and then I come in and see the score’s 10-0 O’s and thought I was in a bizzaro world. We have been known to beat the Yankees on occassion, but not by such a lofty margin. The game’s not over, so let’s not get too full of zeal yet.

Mike Mussina, the ex-Oriole turned dirty Yankee, started tonight against the ACE known as Daniel Cabrera (side note: I bought a 6 and a half foot poster of Daniel Cabrera on Ebay this weekend. So yeah, I’m drinking that kool-aid). Moose had the the shortest outing of his career by going 0.2 innings. The boxscore will show that he only gave up 1 earned run while 7 runs were scored off him. The baseball messiah, Derek Jeter, had a throwing error that opened the bloodbath on a 7 run 1st inning.

Johnny Damon, who looks like his skills have further eroded, had a fielding error that allowed 2 more unearned runs to score. Thus, if the Yanks would have been able to field the balls…this would be a tie game. BUUUUTTT they didn’t. ha.

Daniel Cabrera thus far has gone 7 innings. He’s only given up 2 runs and once again…hasn’t walked anybody. This is his 8th quality start in a row.  I wanted to refrain a little on getting my hopes up until he got to face the Yankees again and the Red Sox. He has and he’s done great. Cabrera did hit Jeter on the head with a pitch. Word is that he’s only got a bruise on his hand and nothing more. LaTroy Hawkins, former Oriole bullpen arsonist, went head hunting on Luke Scott. His first pitch on him was waaaaay inside. The next one went straight for his head. Hawkins was promptly tossed and the benches cleared. I had always thought of Hawkins as a classy guy. I’ve read a few articles about him doing good things and all and I’m sure he is still a good guy…but throwing at a guy’s head is bush league. If you’re mad about Jeter being hit then plunk a guy on back with a ball. If he’s still bitter about having to be an Oriole, if plunking him in the side makes you feel better….ok. It’s stupid…but whatever. Throwing at a guy’s head is stupid. I don’t care who it is on whatever team. If that ball hit Scott in the noggin and that could be a career ender or worse you could really mess somebody up. Throwing at a guy’s head should earn a player 20 games off. That’s serious and it should be punished as such.

Next at bat, Luke Scott paid the Yankees back with a towering 2 run homer. That was HIGH….IT was DEEP….IT WAS GONE! That ball was crushed.

Adam Jones has gone 4 for 5 with 4 RBI. He’s had a double and 3 singles. Good night for him. I think he’s only going to get better as the season goes on.

The Yankees have gotten old quick. Posoda’s DLed. Damon has eroded away. Giambi is dead weight. Jeter is still Jeter, but he ain’t getting younger. The pitching staff outside of Wang is blargh. Their young pitchers (Hughes and Kennedy) have been trainwrecks thus far. They can turn it around because you don’t judge a young pitcher on 10 starts, but it’s been a bad start for them. Their bullpen outside of Rivera (who’s aging) scares no one. I will now openly mock Joe Girardi for passing on the O’s and taking the Yankees job.

The season is only a little over the quarter mark and the O’s have 24 wins. Most of the jokers in the preseason said this was going to one of the worst teams ever. My expectations were low, but as a fan, I’m always overly optimistic. Now they’re a win away from halfway to 50. The pitching, starting and relief, have really done it for this team. I’ve seen more 1 run games with this team this season than I ever have. More often that not, they’ve managed to win them. The starters, aside from Trachsel, have managed to go 6 or 7  and the bullpen has been great. Lance Cormier, who I openly called for his release in Spring Training, went 2 scoreless innings.

Daniel Cabrera is now 5-1. Dude is on a roll.


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