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Rivalry Weekend w/ the Nats

I’m not big on Interleague play. At first it was a cool little novelty, but now I could really care less. Perhaps I’m bitter because the O’s no longer come to Atlanta every season for a series. Regardless, I think it’s run its course. Oh you could keep you “regional rival” maybe. Because everyone has to see Yanks/Mets, Cubs/Whitesox, and Brewers/Red Sox…of course.

So this ‘rivalry’ with the Nats is going to get another go around. Before the Nats came along, I thought we had a better thing going against the Phillies with the 1983 World Series. As for the Nats, well..they’re coming along. They’ve got Ryan Zimmerman, who’s the only real sure thing on that team. Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Wily Mo Pena were supposed to be stars at some point in their careers. You could do worse than these guys, but dang…they’re streaky. They got Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes in trades last year for little to nothing.

Dukes has some baggage, that’s for certain. Milledge high fived some faces after hitting his first homer in NY and everyone said he was a jerk. Joba Chamberlin screams and dances on the mound after an out like a circus bear and people say he’s just ’emotionally involved in the game.’ Whatever. Either its ok for both to do it or wrong for both. In the end, I think Milledege is going to be a decent, at worse, player. As the Nats develop and the O’s continue to rebuild, perhaps we’ll have somethings happen to make us hate them and them us.

Its not happening now. I don’t hate them. I feel the same about the Nats as I do the Pirates and the Rangers, I really don’t care. The only way for now that I can get worked up about this rivalry is if both were to meet in the World Series. Something tells me that ain’t happening anytime soon.

I will say one thing…..

Their mascot is lame.

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