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Catching up 5/10

A few things to catch up on…

  • Trembley’s talking about using a 4 man rotation for a while with a lighter schedule coming up. The 4 man rotation worked for a long time in baseball, so if Trembley wants to do it for a few weeks, it won’t destroy the fabric of baseball. If the 5th starter with no place to go in this scenario is Steve Trachsel, all the better. With Guthrie doing ok, Cabrera throwing a complete game and toying with our emotions yet again by looking like he’s getting it, Olson doing a good job, and Burres defying expectations….that would make Trachsel the logically candidate out. I hope that he’s not going to be moved the pen or something like that in this situation. Trachsel in relief is not a sight I want to see in a game. At least Trembley and MacPhail are thinking smart here. Go with 4 with a light schedule up and not rushing Liz, Penn, or someone else up because Trachsel isn’t cutting it. Although after Friday’s game, I think Trachsel’s bought himself at least another start.
  • Alex Cintron, come on down. Cintron comes up and Bob McCrory goes back to Norfolks with a 2/3rd of an inning under his belt for his stint with the big club.

          says Trembley

            He is a second baseman-shortstop,” Orioles manager Dave Trembley said. “He’s a switch hitter who has got experience playing in the big leagues. He gives us some depth. I’ve never seen him play before. We’ll see what we’ve got.”

Trembley said Freddie Bynum is his “shortstop until he shows he can’t do it,” while the 29-year-old Cintron will be primarily a utility player.

Bynum’s got to play himself out of the shortstop position while Cintron will be ultility and Luis Hernandez  will be riding the bench. Brian Roberts is nicked up with a bruised leg, so Cintron will be backing up Bynum and filling second if Roberts can’t go. Once Roberts is back a 100%, its probably spells the end for Luis. I don’t think Cintron is anything more than a stop gap though. He might be better than Luis and Fahey, but there’s a reason he didn’t make the Cubs out of spring training and no one rushed to snap him up. He can help, but I’m not expecting huge stuff out of him.

  • Leo Mazzone regrets his decision to go with his BFF Sam Perlozzo in Baltimore and leave Atlanta.     

              “At the time it was a great move, but now I regret it. You see the difference in organizations and     how things are run and, believe me, the Atlanta Braves are about as good as it gets,” Mazzone said.

Who can blame him for saying that? He left a good gig with the Braves and went to Baltimore. Sam Perlozzo got the can during Mazzone’s second year. The rotation and the bullpen were ravaged by injuries. Some of the talent he had to work with wasn’t good. The organization didn’t want to commit to his philosophy from top to bottom. Yeah, I’m sure he does regret it.

Two bad years in Baltimore doesn’t make him a bad pitching coach. He’ll land on his feet somewhere else soon enough. The problem with Mazzone I think was that his plan was for his pitchers to all pitch the same way. That can work with Jeremy Guthrie and Erik Bedard (and it did), but what works for them might not (and didn’t) work for Daniel Cabrera or Garrett Olson.



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