Catching up 5/6

Catching up again…

Garrett Olson was great in his second start, but hey..our offense is rotten, so Garrett wins a big fat no decision. Olson went 6.1 innings, striking out 7 and walking only one. But the offense was punchless, so that gem was squandered.

No one’s really hitting at the moment. Nick’s in a funk. Luke Scott was in a slide before he got sick. Ramon Hernandez has been horrible. He’s batting a lowly .189 and makes me wonder where’s that great catcher that we signed a couple seasons ago. Our “clean up hitter” Kevin Millar is batting .210 and swinging at anything within a mile radius of the plate. Roberts has cooled off too. But we shouldn’t have to worry, because we’ve got the King of Swing and Miss, Terry Crowley in the dugout. I’m sure all these boys need is a session or two with the king and they’ll all be vying for the Triple Crown at season’s end.
*Whoops, was watching the top of the 1st as I was typing and all the O’s offense could do is strikeout twice and pop out, Maybe 3 or 4 sessions with Crowley is what this team needs.

Anyway, it looks like reality is setting in. I didn’t expect a 1991 Atlanta Braves season, where the Braves went from rotten to NL Champs, I thought maybe they could overperform and with a respectable range within .500. With the offense the way it is and the fact that there’s a big chance that plenty more changes are in store…it could be a long season.

Article I wish I had seen today (but didn’t)

(remember this is fictional)

             The Orioles announced today that pitcher Steve Trachsel was designated for assignment.   Trachsel was 1-4 with a 4.76 ERA in 6 starts for the Orioles this season. “Steve did the best he could for us this season.” Orioles VP Andy MacPhail said “In the end, that’s all you can ask of a man. He’s been an asset to the Baltimore Orioles through his veteran presence and his workman like attitude. In the end, though things weren’t working out. We’ll look within the organization to fill his spot. I, as well as everybody else with the O’s, wish Steve the best. He’s worked hard for us and I thank him for his effort.” Trachsel has a career record of 142-158.

A  boy can dream can’t he…

This didn’t happen sadly, because I saw this article on O’

“I would say right now he’s (Trachsel) going to make his next start in Kansas City,” Trembley said. “I want to be careful. Somebody may tweak my words. I would say that there’s not going to be any review and he will make his next start.”

The leash is short on Trachsel. I was wanting him to be gone on Monday, but it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.


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