Time for Trachsel to Go


I think the tee ball stand would be more effective than Steve Trachsel. For your own personal Trachsel, go here.

It’s time for Trachsel to go. Its that simple. He was brought back to protect the bullpen and the young starters in the minors. That’s a fine and noble idea. Nobody wants to see a young and ill prepared starter be rushed up to the majors, nor do we want to see the bullpen worn down by young starters who might only make it 5 innings.

That’s not what Trachsel is doing. His last 4 starts look like this…

Bluejays 2.1 innings and 5 runs surrendered

Yankees 6.1 innings and 3 runs surrendered

White Sox 3 innings and 5 runs surrendered

Angels      3 innings and 6 runs surrendered

He’s had a decent career and it looks like now he’s out of gas. The bullpen is getting used up in his starts and its dreadful watching him pitch at this point. Last year it worked, this year it ain’t. As for his spot, I’d like to see Matt Albers get a shot at it. Hayden Penn and Liz need to stay in Norfolk in a while longer. Jim Johnson is doing lights out in the bullpen and I’d rather leave him where he’s excelling at. I’m not sure Albers is an answer in the rotation. He’s done well in long relief and filled in ok in his two spot starts, regardless though…he’d be a lot better than Trachsel’s 3 innings of slowly dished pain. Trachsel Watch begins now.


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