Randor hits the DL

Randor Bierd hit the disabled list today. The offical reason is right shoulder soreness. He won’t throw for 2 to 3 weeks and looks to be back within “a month and a half, a month and ten days.” Bierd’s been good thus far with a 2.03 ERA, but he won’t be back for a while now. Who takes his place?

From the said article:

The Orioles have not announced a corresponding move, but it’s likely they will recall a right-handed reliever from the minors. Potential candidates include Lance Cormier, Roberto Novoa and Andy Mitchell. The Orioles have room on their 40-man roster in case one of those has to be added.

Another option could be reliever Greg Aquino, who was designated for assignment Tuesday, but cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Norfolk.

First off, Greg Aquino. Let’s just say no to that one. Cormier had a rotten spring, but has been good in the minors. Novoa has major league experience with the Cubs and I need to read up on Andy Mitchell. Where’s Rocky Cherry?

On the topic on relievers, I’ve got to second guess Dave Trembley. Last night with a 3-1 lead, he brings in Bob McCrory. It was still obviously a very close game and Trembley decided to throw him in place of Matt Albers (who had a very decent start). The result was McCrory becoming toast. 0.1 innings 2 hits 4 runs 2 BB and no K’s. The game was close but after McCrory left, it was blown wide open. I chalk it up to debut jitters. Then today, Trembley brings McCrory back out and he walks 2 and only gets one out. Good thing was his ERA went from 108.00 to 54.00. I know Trembley was trying to trot him back out the day after a lackluster debut, but I would have liked it for him to get the day off and work on what went wrong and save his arm. Trembley has a bad habit of burning through relievers. Browbeating him for using 3 relievers in starts by Brian Burres and Matt Albers is stupid. Burres has proven he can give 6 good innings standard and Albers ditto. They might go more or they might go less. But the bullpen is going to be used their nights. What I don’t like is when Walker comes in to get 2 outs and Bradford 2 more and then playing the matchups, match up after match up. If you have a lefty specialist, then yes…that’s what he’s there for. But Walker can pitch an inning. I just worry that 3 quarters through the season, some of these guys are going to broken down.

Props to Adam Jones hit the 2 run homer today. His bat is coming around. Too bad the rest of lineup’s is going south. Mora’s batting .230, Millar. 210, Payton .231, Luuukkkke Scott has been slumping lately, but hey Huff is hitting .257…but he’s producing with 5 HR and 19 RBI. I expect the offense to be north and south all season, but it doesnt make it any easier to watch.


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  1. re: bullpen

    I don’t know. The relievers have not been in as many games as last year and when they have been, they haven’t been in as long. I think keeping a shorter leash on Walker and Bradford isn’t such a bad idea. They were ridden hard last year.

    Time will tell but I think Trembley is doing OK handling the bullpen given the starting staff he has. It’s at least better than Perlozzo’s bullpen deployment…

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