Roster Moves


 Two tickets for Norfolk please. (Photo: Charles Sarjeant)

 Some changes went down today.

Greg Acquino got DFA’ed. If he gets claimed, he’s gone. If no claims him, he can go play at Norfolk.

Brandon Fahey also gets to join Greg at Norfolk.

In their places, Garrett Olson and Bob McCrory come up. Olson makes the start tonight and McCrory will get a little test run since the bullpen needs a fresh arm.

I’m excited to see Olson back up. He’s been lights out in Norfolk (1-1 with a 1.85 ERA) and I’m crossing my fingers that he plays good enough to stick around the rest of season. McCrory’s been good thus far as well, 4 saves and a 1.80 ERA. I worry about his bad habit of walks…but let’s see what he’s got.

As for Acquino and Fahey, this was due. Fahey is a clone of the other two shortstops that are on the team (Torres and Hernandez) and there’s nothing that really merits Fahey being on a major league club. Sure, he’s got spunk and moxie….but that’s more qualifications for cheerleader than a major league shortstop. Acquino was due too. He’s got a 14.21 ERA in six appearances. You could make the argument that he was underused. You’d be wrong, but you could make it. If when I was 16, fresh with my driver’s license, borrowed my dad’s car six times. If four of the those times I wreck it and two of the times I have a problem free drive, I’m not going to be driving my Dad’s car for a long time. Acquino had two runless outings and the other four were awful. That’s not a good rate. At any rate, Olson pitches tonight and let’s hope he’s recovered from the rush job he was dealt with last season.



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