Loewen on 15 Day DL

(photo from SI.com)

The day after Trembley called out Adam Loewen and said the reason the team has 13 pitchers and a 3 man bench is to cover for Loewen, Adam tells the team that he’s been pitching hurt. Turns out his shoulder that was operated on is giving him some pain. He’s now on the 15 Day DL and INF Eider Torres is called up.

As for Loewen’s spot in the rotation, Matt Albers and Jim Johnson are logical choices. Someone else is probably getting called up because with Brian Burres and Steve Trachsel pitching today, the bullpen is going to be used plenty.

“Pitching great in Triple-A is not the same as pitching great in the big leagues,” Trembley said. “Last year, I was told that guys were pitching great in Triple-A, and they came up here and I didn’t think they were ready. I want to make sure that we don’t run into that same problem again this year. If we call a guy up from Triple-A, I would hope it wouldn’t be just one time.

“Secondly, I think I’ve been pretty upfront with the fact that I like what we have in our bullpen. You’re talking about both Johnson and Albers. There’s no secret there. Both of those guys have done a great job in long relief. I don’t want to take them out of what they’re doing for us and weaken the bullpen if I can cover a starter another way. It’s not to say that I couldn’t bring someone up from Triple-A and put them in the bullpen to give Johnson or Albers a start.”

So it appears that Olson will probably get the callup (Fahey going down?) and work in long relief as Johnson or Albers gets a start. Eider Torres? Eh..maybe he can be better than Fahey and Hernandez. Cintron has not been good in Norfolk and Scott Moore needs to play everyday. Might as well see what Torres can do.

As for Loewen, hopefully a 15 day stint off and some rest will help. He hasn’t looked good at all this season. Its been a string off bad luck for him lately.


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