Trembley pulls a reverse Perlozzo

I didn’t watch the whole game last night and because of that, I feel almost like I shouldn’t jump in on this. I hate it when someone criticizes or second guesses you and they weren’t there when you screwed up….they heard it second hand. But I guess I’m going to be hypocrite here and do what I just said I hate.

Last night, I watched until the seventh inning. I had any early day at work and when it got to midnight, I decided to call it a night. What I missed was Trembley (or as the Seattle guy on TV says Tromblay) pulling a Grady Little. Jeremy Guthrie was pitching in the 8th inning. Bases loaded and 2 outs. Jamie Walker is warming in the pen.

Let’s just get the whole story from O’

Seattle shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt hit a leadoff double, but Guthrie settled down to get outs on a popup and a line drive. The Orioles elected to intentionally walk Raul Ibanez at that point, bringing up Adrian Beltre, who was 0-for-12 in his career against Guthrie. Beltre worked a walk, and Jose Vidro broke things open with a two-run single.

“Unfortunately, we wanted to bust him in, and I couldn’t really get that pitch in for a strike,” Guthrie said of Beltre. “The first two were close, and the last two that I ended up throwing inside were called strikes. That was the idea. Obviously, we thought we had a better chance going after him, and I just couldn’t execute the fastball for a strike and make him swing.”

Even after the Beltre at-bat, Baltimore manager Dave Trembley elected to stick with his starter. The Orioles (11-9) had southpaw specialist Jamie Walker warmed up and ready to go but chose instead to stay with Guthrie against Vidro, a switch-hitter who has hit .305 against left-handers and .299 against right-handers for his career.


Trembley messed this one up. It surprises me because he does do the Perlozzian matchups. He’ll get Jamie Walker out for 1 batter or Bradford in for 2 batters. I’m not opposed to that, that’s why there’s specialists and you work the matchups. That’s why it surprises me that he left in there.

I heard Roch on XM today and he was talking about Trembley not wanting to bring Dennis Sarfate in with the bases loaded. I wouldn’t want him in there either. If he was bring Sarfate in, it should have been to start the inning. The jury is still out on Sarfate, but to bring in a pitcher with a fat arm with, shall we say, developing control into a bases loaded situation would be unwise. To bring in Jamie Walker would have made sense. If Walker gets rocked, its not the first time a reliever has gotten rocked. Guthrie would out of the game though, he was gasses (or so I’ve read).

Through 7.2 innings, Guthrie threw 116 pitches. What I don’t like is leaving the pitcher in when he’s done. It’s not like Guthrie had 85 pitches and a 6 run lead. He was good in 7 inning and the bullpen was rested after a day off and some help from Jim Johnson. Guthrie’s a good pitcher and I’m glad we have him. I hate the whole ‘you’re in a bad jam and we’re tied and you’re the man and you’re going to work your way out because you’re our ace’ thinking. It usually doesn’t work. Yeah, Guthrie was only 1 strike away from getting out of it, but fact is that he didn’t get out of it.

I like Trembley and I think he’s as good of a fit for this team than anybody else. He’s got the right mentality for this team and he could be the first manager in years to stick around for awhile. Last night though, he made a bad decision. It happens, but it could have been avoided.


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