In Game Thoughts- O’s at M’s

A few things before I go to bed and turn off this nonsense.

  • Home plate umpire Brian Runge’s strike zone is a joke. Markakis struck out on a ball that was 4 or 5 inches outside of the plate.
  • Luis Hernandez might have met his end tonight. He, Luke Scott, and Adam Jones were all in the territory of a popup. It was a ball that any shortstop should call as their own, seeing as to where he had the easy play on it. He backed completely off and Luke Scott had to charge on it to try to catch it, but he couldn’t get to it in time. I’m not seeing this “plus defense” that we’re supposed to be getting from him. Alex Cintron, see you next week.
  • Jim Palmer really like Brian Burres. I mean really really really likes Brian Burres. I don’t think Burres is bad, but I think he’s an average swingman. Palmer thinks he’s the second coming of..well…Jim Palmer.
  • Horrible base running in the 5th. Ramon hits the world’s longest single. Huff tries to go to home from second via the Juan Samuel wave. Huff is dead in the water because he gets a horrible jump. The jump was so horrible that Adam Jones gets to third while Huff is trying to get back to third. Samuel starting to become a windmill.
  • So far, so good from Daniel Cabrera. Once again, the defense has messed him over some. I’m impressed with his number of pitches so far. Through 5.1, he’s only at 67 pitches with 3 Ks. Good night….so far.
  • Hey, we tied this game up. 2-2.

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