Catching up

A few things to catch up on:

Despite yesterday’s lackluster finale, the O’s took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees. A sweep would have been nice, but this is good enough.

-Daniel Cabrera

If I’m ever on the fence about whether to go out or stay in and watch the game, Daniel Cabrera is a pitcher who lets me know pretty quick as to what my plans should be.

First innings, he gives up 2 runs or strike out the side.

Second Innings, he’ll follow it up with another run or two or he’ll strike out of the side again.

By the top of third, I usually know whether to go or stay. If anything, I thank Daniel Cabrera for him letting me know quick whether he’s going to stink or not.


-Jim Johnson

Hey, I was wrong. I thought bringing Johnson up was a bad move. He’s been good in long relief. Saturday he went 3.1 innings of scoreless ball. It looks like he’s staying. But we need another bat on the bench…bye bye Greg Acquino?

-Brian Burres

He’s swell in 4 innings, but once that 5th starts….he’s a big inning waiting to happen. 5.2 innings 5 H 0 R 4 BB and 2 Ks.

-Luis Hernandez is no friend of Daniel Cabrera at the moment. He did the pitcher no favors by his defense on Friday, resulting in a long inning and a run on Cabrera.

Trembley uses the term ‘fielding slump’ for Hernandez’s woes.

“Fielding slump” must be Tremblian for “Cintron will be here quickier if you don’t remember how to field.”

Spencer Fordin once Alex Cintron gets in a groove in Norfolk, he should be up here very soon.

Also in the aforementioned mailbag…

Jake Arrieta is off to go start in Fredrick. 4 starts, 1-0 record, 2.75 ERA, 26 K, 12 BB, 10 H.He likely won’t see Bowie til the end of season, meaning that he isn’t going to be rushed to Baltimore like the pitching prospects of years gone by.

Speaking of rushed pitching prospects, Hayden Penn has pitched 7 innings in his last two starts (1-1 and a 4.88 ERA). Garrett Olson is 1-1 with a 1.75 ERA in 4 starts. These two should be in the rotation at some point this season. Olson’s getting first look the way’s he’s pitching. Of course, whose spots would they be taking? Steve Trachsel would be an easy guess. Brian Burres would be too. You have to factor in injuries.

My guess for the end of season rotation.






Steve Trachsel will be traded, released, or sold for scrap some time this season. Brian Burres is best suited for long relief and that’ll happen soon enough. I’m betting, not hoping, that Adam Loewen will probably have an injury some point this season. Radhames Liz will be called up to take Albers spot in long relief. I could be right…I could be wrong. That’s the beauty of guessing.

Matt Wieters is killing it. .422 and 4 HR in 15 games. Your starting catcher for your 2009 Baltimore Orioles…Matt Wieters.

-Steve Trachsel didn’t pitch bad Sunday, but he didn’t pitch great either. 6.1 innings 7 hits, 3 runs, 5 Ks, and 3 BB. That’s more than you’d expect actually…

-George Sherrill….ouch. 0.2 innings- 2 hits, 3 R, 2BB, and 2 Ks. His ERA is at 6.23 after now 2 rocky outings in the past week. Its not time to hit panic button on him. He’s a setup guy made into a closer who has 6 saves. If it keeps up who you do plug in? Jamie Walker? He’s a setup guy. Chad Bradford. ditto. Dennis Sarfate? Would be a nice guess, but he’s got to get his control under control. The closer spot isn’t something really to worry about at the moment.

Garbage Homer Follow up-

Had a good solution for the garbage homer from Daniel

Perhaps Corey Patterson and Jay Gibbons just aren’t very good hitters (shocking, I know) so when a team has a huge lead, the opposing pitcher is OK with throwing fastballs in the zone (which these guys can actually hit) and when the game is close, they throw breaking-pitches and paint the corners (which they can’t hit). I don’t think it has anything at all to do with “clutchness” but is rather a general lack of talent. I question whether or not it is actually the case that these players do hit a lot of “meaningless” HR, so I’ll take a look at that sometime soon and post something about it. If you already did that, then I will defer to your conclusions (I assume it’s just your impression of what happens).

Yeah, its just an observation. I didn’t crunch any stats, but it is the lesser players who crank out those homers. Of course, the factors that  you mention definately seem to set up the perfect storm for a garbage homer.

Blowout game=bullpen scrub + junk pitch + lesser player= garbage homer

If I had the time, which I doubt, I’d like to look up who Jay Gibbons and Corey Patterson homered off of over the course of their time in Baltimore. I’m sure there’s more washed up relievers, 5th starters, and last bullpen options than aces, closers, and good setup guys…especially Gibbons.

Daniel runs the blog Frost King Baseball.

Not to have a knee jerk reaction here, but Iam Kennedy and Phil Hughes are supposed to be the future of  the Yank’s pitching staff. So far this season, they’re not exactly killing it. They both got killed by the mighty bats of O’s this weekend. Of course, I’m taking into account that its going to take them 10-12 starts to get acclimated to the major leagues. You can’t just throw them in there and on the first day expect an eight inning shutout from them. But let’s say they are what they, you think heads might roll because they could have got Johan Santana?

I was watching ESPN yesterday and surprise, Steve Phillips said something stupid. They were talking about possible landing spots for Frank Thomas and one of the 4 teams he thought was Baltimore. His reasoning was something along the lines “As long as they keep playing the way they are, a bat like Thomas would really help them out.” Frank Thomas is almost 40. We’re rebuilding and trying to shed players the wrong side of 30. What would adding Thomas do for the O’s? He might heat up and hit 20 homers. But that means you have play him everyday at DH, which means you’re giving up a spot in offense that could be used to get a young player playing time, whether it be at DH or moving a Huff/Millar/Mora to DH any given game to have a Scott Moore at 3rd or DHing Luke Scott every now and then. If Thomas isn’t hitting homers, he’s like a boulder on the base paths. That’s certainly not Trembley’s style of ball. It’s not going to happen, but I thought it was a stupid suggestion. If Thomas plays again, my money’s Seattle first. Maybe Tampa or the Twins. I could even see the Rangers. But not the O’s.




2 Responses

  1. Just FYI, I looked at the home runs Gibbons and Patterson hit.
    Conclusion (sort of):
    Gibbons: In general, he does worse in “clutch” situations than his usual production, but I would have to say that the evidence doesn’t support him hitting too many “garbage” home runs.
    Patterson: CCorey is “unclutch” and does hit home runs more frequently late in the game and in non-high leverage situations. The home runs came more often when the game was out of hand than when it was close. Could potentially be a “garbage” HR hitter.

    Looking at the pitchers they homered off of, there are some bad ones (both got to Corey Lidle pretty good) but also some good ones (Clemens, Halladay, Santana, Peavy, Schilling ). I think both guys “sucked” from our perspective, so we remember the things they did that padded their stats but didn’t help the team. People remember David Ortiz hitting a game-winning HR, but not him homering twice with the game already in hand.

  2. And look at what else your “Garbage Home Run” has inspired:

    Just for fun but early results show that it’s a good way of looking at it…

    At least for Gibbons, I came to the same conclusions as Daniel did.

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