Maybe I should miss more games

Why is that when you stay home and plan on watching the game, the game you watch is no good. But when you go out and assume the game will be no good, you miss out on a good game? Such is the cruel twisted humor of life I guess. I had the game on until I left, so I exited when it was 2-0 in the 3rd or something around that. I figured it was going to a rerun of Wednesday’s game. So I went and did my thing and got home slightly later than I wanted to on a night that I had to work the following day. I checked the boxscore and saw we won. Won and won in a dramatic fashion….with Adam Jones driving in the dramatic game run with a dramatic gamewinning single.

What I wish I could have seen was the defensive patchjob Dave Trembley had to do.

Trembley had already had Jay Payton pinch hit for Luis Hernandez, resulting in Brandon Fahey coming in to play short.

In the ninth inning with one out and one one, Trembley thinks ‘Brandon Fahey ain’t gonna save the day here.’ So he puts in Ramon to pinch hit and he responds with a ground out. Anyway, Roberts and Mora drive in runs and the game is tied. It’s the top of the tenth and the game is tied up. This is where 3 man bench and 13 man pitching staff bites you hard.

Jay Payton has already pinch hit.

Quiroz started and Ramon had the day off…but he pinch hit.

They’re both out of the game, but that’s small potatoes.

Luis Hernandez and Brandon Fahey were the two taken out for the above to pinch hit for. That leaves a minor problem, who plays short?

Well, Trembley had a plan and hey, it worked. He moved Mora from 3rd to short and Huff from DH to 3rd. Moving Huff meant the DH was lost for rest of the night. Trembley had Trachsel- an NL vet and Adam Loewen- who played offense back in the day- taking batting practice for whenever the pitcher’s spot would come up next.

Adam Jones made it a moot point by hitting the game winner.

So Trembley looks smart by default. The jury is out on what kind of manager he’ll end up being. I like it that he spouts off a lot of good quotes and back to fundamentals talk. I think he’s a good type of guy to come and help get a young club ready since he has been in the minor leagues 20 years. More on that later today or this weekend.





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