Scattered Thoughts

Not much time to do anything of substance today, but there were a few things I did want to touch on.

Last night’s game was, as Dempsey’s Army correctly said was a circle one- moral victory (props to you for citing the circles, my friend). Nothing horrible happened, but nothing great either. They didn’t embarrass themselves and played decent.

I have a short temper for Adam Loewen. He had surgery and that takes time to get back to normal….but I haven’t been sold on him being a great major league pitcher. Last night, he gave a decent peformance. His first inning was shaky with the 3 run homer from Thome. I thought he was going to only last 2 or 3 innings, but after that, he pulled himself together and went 6 innings. He threw 109 pitches, 60 for strikes and 49 for balls. Those numbers result in him gving up 5 walks and striking out 3. The balls to strike ratio is still not good….but beggars can’t be choosers. He had a decent night. As I said last week, this season will go along way to show where Adam Loewen fits into the future of the Baltimore Orioles. He did a decent job last night, let’s hope he builds on it and cuts the walks down. If he can throw more strikes and avoid getting every other better up to a 3-2 count, he could go 7 or 8 innings. I’m still not sold on him, but it was a step in the right direction.

Props to Jim Johnson. I wasn’t thrilled with Scott Moore going down for him to come up, but with pitchers like Steve Trachsel, Daniel Cabrera, and Adam Loewen on staff you have to be prepared. One day these guys can pitch 7 innings and then the next start go out in 2nd inning. Johnson’s done a good job in short time he’s been called up. Last night he went 2 innings and gave up no hits, no walks, and struck 1 on 25 pitches. I’m wondering if Greg Acquino might go at some point and Johnson gets a prolonged stay in Baltimore.

Oh Andy MacPhail, you savvy fox. He traded Bedard and Miguel Tejeda this offseason and look what’s happened. Bedard’s hip is not good and today Tejeda fesses up to being 33, not the 31he was supposed to be. Imagine if we’d held on to them and hope to trade them in season. Who would want to pluck a fragile but good pitcher with a bum hip or aging defensively challenged shortshop who was in the Mitchell Report and lied to the Feds from the Oriole’s good cart? Both of those trades look great at the moment. Bedard’s not pitching and we’ve got Adam Jones in centerfield progressing and George Sherrill has 6 saves. That’s not counting Chris Tillman, Troy Butler, or Kam Mickolio could give to the team. For Tejada, Luke Scott alone was worth him. Scott’s been killing it. Matt Albers has been good thus far. Dennis Sarfate started out strong but his last two appearences have not been great. Mike Constanzo is in the minors and Troy Patton is out the year. The deals look great because if MacPhail tried to get these packages now, he’d be laughed at.



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