Trembley thinking of adding a 13th pitcher

Saw this on Camden Chat.

I didn’t like this when Perlozzo was wanting to do this and I still don’t like it when Trembley is mulling it over. Trembley has been thus far much better than Perlozzo and I think over the course of rebuilding this team, Trembley is the man for the job. That said, one guy has to come off the bench and go to the minors when or if that happens.

The bench really isn’t that great. Scott Moore is my man and he ain’t going nowhere. The team paid Jay Gibbons 12 million dollars to go away so Moore could play. Jay Payton ain’t going nowhere either. He’s a 4th outfielder and that’s his role on the team. Quiroz isn’t going anywhere either….unless Millar can catch. Brandon Fahey would be the likely candidate and I would have no problem with going down. But as SC over at Camden Chat points out, can Moore play short when Hernandez is taken out of the game? I’m a big Scott Moore fan but I’m not sure if I trust him at short. What happens when Freddie Bynum comes back, you know that he’s going to be with the ball club when he gets done rehabbing and someone has to go down.

I’m guessing that Rocky Cherry will get that 13th spot. Cherry had a great spring and I’ve always like Cherry back to his days with the Cubs. Trembley’s thinking isn’t neccessary bad, I don’t want to see Jamie Walker and Chad Bradford’s arms fall off. The pitching staff has shown that on a good day 6 innings is what you’re likely going to get. So far so good awesome for the pen. I think it is smart to not want to kill their arms but a 3 man bench doesn’t make me excited. If the bench was a good one, then I could deal with it. I still won’t embrace and it love, but I could deal with it. I think I’d rather see a 4 man rotation with an extra arm in the pen than a 3 man bench.


3 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t want to do it over the long term, but we only have one day off until May 12. I don’t think its a bad idea for the next few weeks.

  2. I don’t even like carrying 12 pitchers but the reality is they’re going to have to do it this season, at least until someone steps up and shows they can consistently pitch past the 7th inning.

  3. I am also a Scott Moore fan having followed him since he was first drafted and played high A ball for the Daytona Cubs. Check out . I truly beieve Scott is the future and the trade the Cubs made last year will be remembered as one of the biggest blunders ever made in baseball. Hail Andy MacPhail for getting Scott.
    Yes! Scott can play SS as he came up as a shortstop and he takes practice there. Before long, his bat will force his every-day presence in the line up.
    Scott cannot go down to the minors.

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