What a day

Its been a great day.

I know its going to be a long season, so games like today have be savored. Over the past few seasons, I’ve seen countless games where (fill in the blank with a pitchers name) handcuffs and makes us look stupid for the whole game. The starting pitcher would only give up a few runs and the offense does nothing. That’s what happened today. I’ve been glowing since the game ended. I actually have a smile the whole day…is that what wins does?

Turning points


Jim Brower, LaTroy Hawkins, John Hlama, Kurt Birkins, Paul Shuey, Todd Williams, Jorge Julio, Danys Baez, and Mike DeJean are just a few of the arsonists in the bullpen that burned up my heart over the past few years. On a game like today, Guthrie would have gone out and Todd Williams or Jorge Julio would come in and walk a guy, then give up a hit, and then give up a homer…boom…that’s the ballgame. So far this season, the bullpen is shutdown good. Its early, but man…they’re off to an awesome start. John Parrish got off to an awesome start last season before becoming the Daniel Cabrera of relief pitchers. But Sarfate and Albers have looked good. With the two of them and Luke Scott alone, we did great in the Tejada trade. The past few years when the bullpen came in, I knew it was time to get ready to find something else to do. Most the time, I had to find something else to do. Its been nice.

Timely hitting

The O’s have had timely hitting for a change. What I’m used to is…

“With two out and two on, the pitch to Tejada….popped it up and that’s the ballgame. Put one in the loss column as the Orioles fall.”

But hey, they got some clutch lately. LUIS HERNANDEZ got a clutch hit. Man, Did Terry Crowley get the memo that maybe its time for the hitters to hit the ball?

I couldn’t help to think as the the Mariners bullpen melted down, “so this is how it feels to be on the other side of one of these things.” It’s been a long time. How ironic that on Sam Perlozzo’s return weekend to Baltimore that the Mariners have a pure classic Perlozzian meltdown. A starter is pulled after a solid outing with a low pitch count and then the bullpen completely implodes.

I was doing my fantasy draft during the game, the draft was ending as the game was, so my last few picks I completely mailed in because I didn’t need to waste my time with the draft with the magic going down in BIRDLAND.

Here’s my team

1st- Paul Konerko (I wanted too long to get a first baseman, but he’s not too bad)

2nd-Brian Roberts (Yeah, you know I was going to get him. Picked him 2nd round. Maybe a round too high, but I didn’t want to risk losing out)

SS- Troy Tulowitzki (Had a good year last year, so should be solid this year)

3rd- Ryan Zimmerman (I was wanting David Wright, but he got picked 5th overall, I was picking 6th. Zimmerman’s a nice fallback for 3rd….even if he plays for the blasted Nats)

Utilty- Yunel Escobar (I was proud that I snuck him in around 10. He’s having a monster start and I think he’s going to be a star. He’s also a nice fallback if Tulowitzki struggles.

C- Ivan Rodriguez (It was between him and Ramon. I waited awhile to pick my 1st baseman and catchers. When I saw it was between Pudge and Ramon, I didn’t think twice about it….I picked Pudge.)

OF- Nick Markakis (You know it.)

OF- Matt Holliday (My first round pick.)

OF- Joey Hamilton (Another pick I’m proud of. I picked him a round or two earlier than I should have because I knew someone else would nab him if I waited.)

Bench- Frank Thomas (Got him late, like the pick), Xavier Nady (Off to a hot start), Jay Bruce (Stupid pick since a) he’s in the minors til mid-season b) Dusty Baker manages the Reds and he won’t play him much anyway since he loves Corey Patterson. This was when the game got good and I said “Hey, Jay Bruce. Yeah that’s the ticket)

P- Carlos Zambrano (that’s my ace)

P- Chris Young (solid pick)

P- Joe Blanton (again, not flashy but solid)

P-Matt Cain (happy with that pick)

P- Ted Lily ( again, solid…nothing flashy)

P- Barry Zito (I hate this pick, this was my last pick and I cared more about the game than the last player I was picking.  Zito…sure. I forgot Zito’s horrible. I already have him on a pending wavier move)

RP- Hideki Okajima (I hate picking Red Sox and Yanks, but I waited a bit to pick relievers and he was one of the better ones available)

RP- Cla Meredith (again, late round pick. Not wild about and have a pending move on him too)

Closer- Maraino Rivera (I felt dirty picking him. He’s a Yankee. Not just a Yankee but the Yankee closer who’s nailed the door shut on us on what seems a million times. He was the best closer left, so I took him)

All in all, I felt like I had a solid draft for my first fantasy baseball draft. I’ve done football a few times, but this is my first run with baseball.

On an unrelated note, I don’t bring entertainment stuff in here much and I don’t plan on doing much ever agian, but I was happy to see the negative reviews for ‘Leatherheads.’ Why the hate? A few reasons…

1. It was filmed at my old high school and the only things the old TRHS were known for were bad football team and a school that was infested with mold. Thus the joke was that our school colors were no longer blue and gold, but blue and MOLD. Clever, that’s what the protesting parents came up with. My friend Chris refers to the building as the Veterans Stadium of Greenville County schools. Which was as true as you could get.

2. It was co-written by Rick Reilly. How Rick Reilly got 2 million bucks from ESPN is a mystery to me. His jokes are horribly lame. The Cheesiest bunch of stale one-liners belong to him. The rotation of his columns consist of Sad tearjeaker column, lame jokey column, and tsk tsk column about athletes in trouble. So no, I don’t want to see a movie he wrote, even if most of it takes place at my old high school. Maybe he took a nap in one of my classrooms and got some mold.

3. I don’t care to see any movie that involves George Clooney or Renee Zelweiger. Clooney’s films usually do nothing for me and Zelweiger’s face bothers me with that ‘what’s that rancid smell look?’ on here face all the time. One of my friends said the saw her shopping at Target during filming. Maybe she was buying some air freshner to get rid of that smell she’s always smelling. Haha…I think I saw that line in a Rick Reilly column.

Back to baseball, one more game against the Mariners tomorrow and we can sweep. Daniel Cabrera faces Carlos Silva, so its far from a given. But if we can get to Silva early…that bullpen has been weak. Let’s make it 5-1.


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