Where are the Baltimore Orioles that I’ve grown to know and loathe over the year and who replaced them with clutch players?

Through eight innings, I was getting disgusted. Felix Hernandez pitched an awesome game. Those 3 innings of 7 pitches each made me ill. That’s good pitching, but then he was pulled after 8 innings and the M’s relied on their bullpen to get 3 outs. What happened after that was akin to a reverse Mother’s Day Massacre.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched a nice game. 7 innings, 2 runs, 2 BB, and 2 K’s. Nothing flashy, but a good outing that really saved the bullpen. Randor Bierd and Dennis Sarfate pitched scoreless relief, keeping up the amazing trend of awesome relief pitching. Sarfate was especially filthy today, throwing only 12 pitches, nine of them strikes. Keep it up, I’m loving having a great bullpen.

So we get to the bottom of the ninth. Eric O’Flaherty comes in to get the save. Nick Markakis gets a double. Millar grounds it out to get him to third base. 1 out, Aubrey Huff grounds out to score Markakis. It’s 2 outs and the M’s bring in Mike Lowe to get 1 out. Luke Scott, who is the man by the way, has his second 3 for 3 day. Scott hits a single. Trembley brings in Adam Jones to to pinch run. Jay Payton comes to bat. I’m thinking,’s a pop-up…at least we gave them a run at the end. But no! Jay Payton says this game will go on. Payton hits another single and Jones gets to third. Lowe then throws a wild pitch….JONES SCORES AND TIES THE GAME! What’s going on? THis usually happens at the cost of the O’s, never to our benefit. The wild pitch actually happen on ball four to Ramon Hernandez. Now at bat, Luis Hernandez. Oh no….it’s going to be extra innings. Luis is going to strike out here. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO SIR! Luis drops a hit into the outfield and the ORIOLES WIN 3-2!

4-1, BABY 4-1!


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