4/5 M’s at O’s


Brian Roberts ,2B

Melvin Mora, 3B

Nick Markakis , RF

Kevin Millar , 1B

Aubrey Huff , DH

Luke Scott , LF

Ramon Hernandez ,C

Adam Jones ,CF

Brandon Fahey ,SS

Adam Loewen, P

For the M’s

Ichiro, RF

Jose Lopez, 2B

Raul Ibanez, LF

Richie Sexson, 1B

Adrian Beltre, 3B

Mike Morse, RF

Jose Vidro, DH

Kenji Johjima, C

Yuniesky Betancourt, SS

Miguel Batista, P

Adam Loewen had a good first inning—-no hits, 2 K’s, and 1 BB. The 23 pitches are a few more than I’d like to see, but so far so good. I don’t see him going too deep into this game with the fact that he’s probably going to have 100 pitches in 5 innings and the fact that his shoulder is probably going to babied for the first few games of the season.

These Seattle guys love Melvin Mora. “He’s a fan favorite” and “a great great offensive player.” Let’s not go that far guys. If you want him so bad, you could have tacked on another player and we’d sent him with Bedard.

Markakis stole his second base of the season, but gets stranded at 2nd when Millar strikes out.

Loewen walks Beltre with 5 pitches…4 of them very high pitches. That’s the stuff that worries about Loewen at times he can go Daniel Cabrera on you in the bat of an eye.

 Jose Vidro takes Loewen out of the park for two run homer.

The Seattle announcer congratulates BRONSON Fahey on a good defensive play.

Loewen gets Ichro to pop out on a 3-1 count to prevent issuing a 3rd walk of the inning and ending the inning. Loewen’s first few starts are going to like this though, but before his shoulder went on the skids he issued alot walks. Whether or not the shoulder was the root of the walks is something we’ll see. Speaking of walks, Dontrelle Willis went through five innings of no-hit baseball but had 7….yes, 7 walks. Willis would not make it through the 6th. Wasn’t it just 2 years ago that everybody though Dontrelle was a great pitcher and now everyone’s down on him. Making the transition from NL to the AL is going to be tough, but I think that’s an overrated knock. He went from the NL East, which yes there’s no DH in the NL…but Ryan Howard, Mark Teixiara, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, the rest of Phillies infield, and Chipper Jones  aren’t slouches either. If guys saying Willis is only medicore from here on out are right, then it’s amazing at how quick he bottomed out.

Loewen strikes out Richie Sexson again, giving him 3 for the night. Richie Sexson now has 1,234 career strikeouts.

Brian Roberts steals his second base of the season. He goes for third, but gets called out. It’s a bad call as Roberts does avoid Beltre’s tag. Trembley comes out and has a word, but no one gets tossed and the call is upheld.

Mora hits a double and the bad call on Roberts costs us a run.

Luke Scott drives in Millar with an RBI Double. Scott’s 2-2 for the night. It’s now 2-1 M’s.

Bentencourt misplays a grounder by Ramon, Scott scores and the throw to the plate was way way high and Ramon makes it to second. 2-2 tie game.

Loewen has pitched 4 innings, walking 3 and striking out 4. He’s at 67 pitches, so he might make it 6 innings tonight. Its been a pretty good night for him so far, the walks need to be addressed….but this is more than I expected from him already. If he keeps this up, I’ll be very happy.


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