Don’t hate the playa

huff.jpgAubrey Huff uses boos as fuels for monster RBIs. (image from the Baltimore Sun)

The cure for a notrious slow start are boos from a small crowd. (Photo from the Baltimore Sun)

I’m not a big fan of Aubrey Huff. He was another scrapheap signing by the old front office. He offers nothing for the longterm future of the team, just another past his prime band-aid. His offseason comments were stupid and the boos that he’s gotten were well-deserved. The point was made by the fans, and Huff hit a big homer and drove in 4 RBIs. OOOOOr maybe, he should bebooed every game and he can use the boos as fuel for more game winners.

Says Huff:

“That was the sweetest home run I ever hit, I ain’t going to lie to you. I hit that ball and I [said], ‘Just please just get out,'” said Huff, who has apologized repeatedly for the comments he made about Baltimore this offseason on a radio show. “My next at-bat after that, I kind of heard more of a mixed crowd instead of all boos. I’ve been taking it pretty good the last few days, but hopefully, that game will win some hearts back.”

 Glad he had a good night and spurred up to a win. Hope he keeps his up and gets his trade value up. Aubrey Huff a few years ago was a good player, Aubrey Huff now has his moments. He belongs on a team like the Mets or Braves in platoon, not on a rebuilding team like the O’s.

His comments in the offseason were stupid. You’re supposed to play and respresent the name of the city on your uniform, or in the Orioles’ case….the name of the team that represents the city.

I found the whole scene hilariously ironic. I can’t think of another time in sports where the home crowd booed one of their own players. The crowd last night was the smallest in the 17 year history of Camden Yard. The small crowd was a result of bad weather and the fact the team hasn’t been good in ten years. But the crowd though small was vocal in their booing. Huff smacked the homer to boos and later when he hit the double, the reception was a mix of boos and cheers.

In the end, I really don’t care if the boos stop. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. People get all touchy about booing but if you play for your ticket you can boo or cheer or be the worst kind of the fan, the one who just sits there and does nothing.
Anyway, here’s the article from the Sun.

Weaver’s Tantrum had a post about Huff the other day with a post about his disgust with him.

Keep it up Huff, so we can get some value and open a spot for a young player.


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