Daniel Cabrera: Nothing New Here

I heard during the offseason how a new pitching coach would do wonders for Daniel Cabrera. There was talk about how he needed to just get a new start and move on from last season. Blah blah blah. Tonight was the first start of our *ugh* number 2 pitcher and how’d he do?

Same old song, same old tune

4 inning 6 hits 6 runs 6 earned 5 BB 2 K and 2 HR allowed, ending up with a 13.50 ERA.

Cabrera pitched to 5 batters in the 5th, but couldn’t get an out.

We’ve been waiting for what, 3 or 4 seasons for him to turn the corner, but sadly, that corner apparently has been turned, but it leads into a solid brick wall. Sure there’s still time, but I’m done with waiting on him. I can’t wait for some of the young pitchers to be ready and I won’t have to cross my fingers and hope maybe finally this is the year for Cabrera. It ain’t happening. If I’m wrong, then hey…..I’ll be happy to be wrong, but at this point I think he is what he is.

On a positive note, Randor Bierd came in to fix Cabrera’s mess and pitched two innings of scoreless relief. It’s only two games, but Albers and Bierd give me hope that this year’s bullpen may not be the chamber of horrors that it has been in the past couple seasons. It’s early, remember John Parrish started the season strong last season and then he turned into the Daniel Cabrera of relievers.

Hey, Aubrey Huff just hit a 2 run homer off Matt Garza. Maybe a cure has been to found to Huff’s annual slow start…..Boo him. Keep it up, Huff. Get that trade value up.

Luke Scott wasn’t supposedly to be a great defender, but he’s made two great catches tonight and Adam Jones’ arm looks sharp on the throws he’s made to second. Good stuff to see.


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