Tuesday 4/2

Its first pitch as Daniel Cabrera starts with a ball (surprise), not doing a live blog but wanted to mention a few things O’s related and MLB related.

-I expected the thinness of the Mets rotation to bite them this season, but not on the season day of the season. I was watching the Mets and Marlins and saw Pedro Martinez come up lame with his pulled or popped hammy. Heard one of the Mets beat writers on XM with Charlie Steiner today say it’d probably be Memorial Day before he’s back. That’s going to hurt. Joe Blanton would help them out, but they emptied out their farm system for Santana and what they have left, they’d like to keep. They might have to do a garbage signining and sign Jeff Weaver or someone like that. What’s Rodrigo Lopez doing right now? Seriously. What is he doing?

-Daniel Cabrera went from 6’7 to 6’9 before last season. He’s 27, I just turned 27 and I haven’t grown in years. What’s up with that? Delayed puberty? Anyway, he just issued his first walk of the season. The more things change…the more they stay the same.

-Oh man. Cliff Floyd just hit a 3 run homer off Cabrera. Adam Jones made his best effort to catch it, but it was a hit a hair too hard. Welcome back Cabrera.

-Sam Perlozzo (and Erik Bedard) makes his return to Baltimore this weekend. I wanted Perlozzo to succeed as manager because he seemed to really love the team and came across as a good guy. The problem was that he was given a lousy roster and couldn’t manage well. The bullpen was misused, the love of the bunt, didn’t platoon well, etc. All that aside, things didn’t work. Glad he landed on his feet and got another coaching job.

-Brian Roberts leads off with a solo homer. He’s starting the year on fire. Next play Melvin Mora hits a liner and hap-hazardly trots to first base, stopping midway between to the boos of the crowd. Does he even care anymore?

-Gary Thorne has said he’s never seen ‘American Idol.’ Figures, I always thought he was more of a WWE Smackdown kind of guy anyway.

-Pat Sajak threw out the first pitch and stopped by the booth. Didn’t know he was a fan. Always find stuff like this out. Gary Thorne told him that he didn’t watch his show either because that was when he watches ‘My Super Sweet 16.’

 Pat left a puzzle to solve.

                       M_lvi_   Mo_a   ha_   _o  hu_ _ le

Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle.

 I’m starting already, bench Mora. Start Scott Moore.

-Cabrera walks another. Trembley’s talking to Thorne and Palmer and said its time to get Moore and Fahey some playing time. Moore, definately….Fahey…well, its a push with him and Luis Hernandez. So why not. They had said earlier that Trembley wants Cabrera pitch to speed things up on the mound, but I’m confusing Cabrera with Steve Trachsel at this point.

-3rd walk for Cabrera in the 3 inning. Trembley’s talking about needing to get the bullpen some work tonight. Don’t worry, Dave, they’re going to get it tonight. 55 pitches through 2.1 innings. I’m through with Daniel Cabrera

-Intentionally walking Cliff Floyd to load the bases, that makes it 4 for the night. But I’m expecting him to strike out Floyd since he’s actually trying to walk him.

-Adam Jones gets his first hit as an O and an offensive rally ensues. Luis Hernandez walks. Melvin Mora and Nick Markakis both drive in a run apiece and now we’re tied up at 3-3.


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