Round of Applause for Garrett Olson

(from the Washington Post)

Final line for Garrett Olson

6.2 Innings 2 Earned Runs 4 Hits, 6 K’s, and 5 BB

Really good start for him tonight. He left with two one and two out in the 7th and then Randor Bierd came in and coughed up some hits, which hurt Olson. For Olson, I was very happy with his performance. The walks were a little much, but I’ll cut him some slack tonight. He looked worlds different than he did with his call up last season. Gary Thorne mentioned during the game tonight that Dave Trembley said that Adam Loewen won’t be ready to go when his 15 days on the DL are up. I’m thinking Loewen’s going to be out for awhile and it Olson does this on a nightly basis…he’ll stick around;

Roster Moves


 Two tickets for Norfolk please. (Photo: Charles Sarjeant)

 Some changes went down today.

Greg Acquino got DFA’ed. If he gets claimed, he’s gone. If no claims him, he can go play at Norfolk.

Brandon Fahey also gets to join Greg at Norfolk.

In their places, Garrett Olson and Bob McCrory come up. Olson makes the start tonight and McCrory will get a little test run since the bullpen needs a fresh arm.

I’m excited to see Olson back up. He’s been lights out in Norfolk (1-1 with a 1.85 ERA) and I’m crossing my fingers that he plays good enough to stick around the rest of season. McCrory’s been good thus far as well, 4 saves and a 1.80 ERA. I worry about his bad habit of walks…but let’s see what he’s got.

As for Acquino and Fahey, this was due. Fahey is a clone of the other two shortstops that are on the team (Torres and Hernandez) and there’s nothing that really merits Fahey being on a major league club. Sure, he’s got spunk and moxie….but that’s more qualifications for cheerleader than a major league shortstop. Acquino was due too. He’s got a 14.21 ERA in six appearances. You could make the argument that he was underused. You’d be wrong, but you could make it. If when I was 16, fresh with my driver’s license, borrowed my dad’s car six times. If four of the those times I wreck it and two of the times I have a problem free drive, I’m not going to be driving my Dad’s car for a long time. Acquino had two runless outings and the other four were awful. That’s not a good rate. At any rate, Olson pitches tonight and let’s hope he’s recovered from the rush job he was dealt with last season.


O’s and White be continued

Daniel Cabrera handed free passes out like candy today.

The O’s and White Sox waited the rain out for 2 hours for their day game to start and then 11 innings later, the game was suspended for rain. Until the game is resumed, which it won’t be in Chicago…the O’s don’t go there to play the Sox again this season…the do visit Wrigley…but that’s moot, this game is put on pause for a few months.

A few things of note.

  • Daniel Cabrera was up to his old tricks again today. He walked 7 batters, but somehow managed to give up only 2 runs. That’s not the way that usually works out.
  • Aubrey Huff hit a homer. In the 10th or 11th, I forget which, he beat a grounder but was called out. I thought he was safe and in cases like that tie goes to the runner. Anyways, he was mad and got tossed. Bad thing with Huff getting tossed is the black sucking vortex that is the bench. Eider Torres was DH by default. With that being the case, I’d rather sacrafice the DH.
  • Jim Johnson is not same guy who was called up and rushed up for garbage time the past two seasons. 13 innings and no runs allowed.
  • The baserunning was ghastly today. Melvin Mora getting picked off after driving in the then go-ahead run. Adam Jones stumbling around third and then getting picked off. The conditions of the field may have played a role in that…but none the less, it was a costly mishap.
  • We’re still 14-11.

The O’s start a series next against the Rays. Today’s draw, means that the O’s clinch a winning April. Woo hoo. A few more of these and we’ll be in business…but I’m not betting any money on that.

Burres….8 innings…wow.

Brian Burres apparently scoffs at the idea of going back to long relief. Today he shutdown the Chi-Sox with a mighty mighty outing.

8 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 BB, and 4 K’s and all in a mere 98 pitches (66 for strikes)

The O’s won 5-1.

Matt Albers loaded them up in the 9th and then George Sherrill came in hit a batter which brought in a run and then notched his 9th save of the season.

I’m a Jay Payton hater, but hats off to him thus far. .308 average with a 1-3 today. Quiroz hit his first homer and drove in two runs, which is more than we’ve seen from a back up catcher since the hallowed day Paul Bako hit a 3 run homer in Yankee Stadium.

I couldn’t watch the game due to FOX, but I watched the NFL Draft. I would have watched it anyway. My Carolina Panthers had a good first round. At 13 they got Oregon RB Jonthan Stewart and then traded to get Philly’s 19th pick and got OT Jeff Otah. The price for Otah was steep (2nd and 4th this years and next year’s 1st rounder). If he plays great, then I can deal with that cost. Obviously, the team has to win now other wise there’s going to be some changes next season.

As for game 2, its in progress right now…tied up 5-5 in the top of the 8th. Steve Trachsel went only 3 innings, gave up 5 runs, and walked 8…one 85 pitches. If he keeps this up, you gotta wonder how long he’ll stay around. He’s going to kill the pen. Good thing Burres pitched a gem today, otherwise they’d have to duct tape their arms on tomorrow.

I love ESPN

I do in this case. I can’t watch the first game today thanks to FOX’s ironhanded strangle hold on Saturday day games and I hadn’t thought about checking the score. While I was watching so NFL pre-Draft talk, they cut in saying “The Chicago White Sox’s John Danks has a no-hitter…and a perfect game through 5 inning against the Orioles.”

“Just great.” I thought. This is where it all catches up with us. No hit…perfect game…the sweet little ride of a season we’ve had ends here. What’s the one rule about no hitters? You don’t talk about the fact one is going on until either the first hit happens or  until the no-hitter is complete. Full of dread, I pull up Gameday and see “Adam Jones, single”

No hit over. Thanks very much ESPN.

Loewen on 15 Day DL

(photo from

The day after Trembley called out Adam Loewen and said the reason the team has 13 pitchers and a 3 man bench is to cover for Loewen, Adam tells the team that he’s been pitching hurt. Turns out his shoulder that was operated on is giving him some pain. He’s now on the 15 Day DL and INF Eider Torres is called up.

As for Loewen’s spot in the rotation, Matt Albers and Jim Johnson are logical choices. Someone else is probably getting called up because with Brian Burres and Steve Trachsel pitching today, the bullpen is going to be used plenty.

“Pitching great in Triple-A is not the same as pitching great in the big leagues,” Trembley said. “Last year, I was told that guys were pitching great in Triple-A, and they came up here and I didn’t think they were ready. I want to make sure that we don’t run into that same problem again this year. If we call a guy up from Triple-A, I would hope it wouldn’t be just one time.

“Secondly, I think I’ve been pretty upfront with the fact that I like what we have in our bullpen. You’re talking about both Johnson and Albers. There’s no secret there. Both of those guys have done a great job in long relief. I don’t want to take them out of what they’re doing for us and weaken the bullpen if I can cover a starter another way. It’s not to say that I couldn’t bring someone up from Triple-A and put them in the bullpen to give Johnson or Albers a start.”

So it appears that Olson will probably get the callup (Fahey going down?) and work in long relief as Johnson or Albers gets a start. Eider Torres? Eh..maybe he can be better than Fahey and Hernandez. Cintron has not been good in Norfolk and Scott Moore needs to play everyday. Might as well see what Torres can do.

As for Loewen, hopefully a 15 day stint off and some rest will help. He hasn’t looked good at all this season. Its been a string off bad luck for him lately.

What have you done with Daniel Cabrera?

My expectations for Daniel Cabrera this season was nothing. I expected the same old song and dance from him. 5 innings of work, a few runs, 5 or 6 walks, and some strikeouts. This is the season where I throw the towel in on the hype. I wasn’t supposed to care about his electric arm or the fact he’s been compared numerous times to a young Randy Johnson. No. I wasn’t supposed to be bothered with Daniel Cabrera this season. I was finally at terms with who he was..a medicore pitcher who should be a lot better.

His season opening against Tampa had me at ease when he only went 4. I wasn’t happy with that, but I was at terms with Cabrera being Cabrera. Then something happened. Every start there after got progressively better.

As shown in the chart below, his walk numbers allowed per start have dropped. Against Tampa, he walked 5. Seattle, he walked 4. 3 against TB. 2 walks against the Yanks and last night zip.

 *the chart is messed up due to my effort to condense it,  everything is a number behind on the totals. I can’t get it deleted either*


APR 02 TB 0 0 13.50 1 1 0 0 0 0 4.0 6 6 6 2 5 2 95-52 7-3
APR 07 SEA 0 0 9.00 1 1 0 0 0 0 6.0 5 4 4 2 4 5 102-58 8-5
APR 12 @TB 0 0 5.94 1 1 0 0 0 0 6.2 5 1 1 0 3 4 107-63 9-7
APR 18 NYY 1 0 5.16 1 1 0 0 0 0 6.0 6 2 2 1 2 3 108-64 8-6
APR 23 @SEA 1 0 4.40 1 1 0 0 0 0 8.0 5 2 2 0 0 5 95-65 10-9
March/April Total:
2 0 4.40 5 5 0 0 0 0 30.2 27 15 15 5 14 19 507-302 42-30

Last night capped it off, 95 pitches and 65 of ’em for strikes. If you’re a pitcher and you’ve thrown that in 8 innings, you’ve done all you can do. I was impressed by his pace on the mound last night. He had some quick innings and had only one 3-2 count that I saw. 

Maybe this is finally it. Maybe we’ll be let down again. Maybe Rick Kranitz is the right guy to coach Cabrera. I need a few more starts like yesterday to bring me back aboard, too many times before I thought he’d break out and maximize his stuff and too many times he’d go down in flames. He’s looking good and maybe this is a turning point in his career….but I’m going to wait a little while longer before I jump back aboard the Cabrera bandwagon. I’ve still got a few dozen splinters to pick out from my previous years on it.