Opening Day Live Blog tomorrow

I go to work at 6 tomorrow morning and the good thing about my job is that I’m not locked into a set schedule. If I get things done quick and hustle, then I can wrap up early and vice versa. So the plan is tomorrow, to move quick and get done and watch as much baseball as humanly possible.

With the new laptop, its easier to go sit in the recliner and do this. Last season, with the old desktop it was a chore to watch and post, turn the head, watch and turn the head and post. I’ll try and do this more this season. The Extra Innings is ordered as of an hour ago, so its showtime.

I should be back home by game time, if not shortly after.

A few game notes on tonight (Braves at the hated Nats)

 *Jon Miller’s voice was a wonderful sound to hear. Its been too long.

*I was amused by the reception George Curly W Bush got, the reception being a smathering of boos mixed with applause.

*The blasted Nats have already gone up 2-0 to nothing through one inning on some sloppy defense by the Braves.

*I’ll give the cursed Nats credit, they have a nice park.


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