Opening Day

This is the third Opening Day that I’ve done the blog. This one is the sweetest one in a long time. O, we’re not going to playoffs this year and we’re not going to have a winning record….but for the first time since the days of Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson, the Orioles have a plan and are heading in the right direction. Its going to take some time to get MacPhail’s vision for the organization in place, but its start. He made two great trades this offseason, committed to get the farm system restocked, has gotten the team a presence in the Dominican, and showed yesterday, he’s not scared to eat a big contract of a player who stinks. It’s refreshing, but its taken a decade to get this point. There’s still some deadweight in the lineup, but after yesterday, I have faith in MacPhail to trim the fat.

This is the first time in a long time that the O’s have an outfield that could be really good. Nick’s the man, we know this already. Adam Jones could be a superstar and Luke Scott could have some heavy offensive numbers. The infield is still blah (outside of Brian Roberts) with the aging Melvin Mora, the aging Kevin Millar, and the offensively inept Luis Hernandez, but I have a feeling that by midseason, alot of the guys who are starting today won’t be in Baltimore anymore. Hopefully by midseason, Scott Moore will be the starting third baseman. The rotation is scary at the moment, but MacPhail has put a priority on pitching. We’re got some pitchers in the minors that in a year or two, we won’t have to worry about getting flustered by Daniel Cabrera. There’s prospects in the minors like Matt Wieters, Billy Rowell, Brandon Snyder and Nolan Reimhold that could be here as soon as next season to get this team to the next stage of the rebuilding.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but its going to be a few more seasons til we get to the end. But the light can be seen now. As some of my fellow O’s bloggers have done the past couple of days, I’m going to do. It hasn’t always been easy doing this past couple years. Thinking about what to right about the O’s a couple time isn’t always easy. You just can’t type ‘The O’s stink’ and ‘Peter Angelos is evil’ a hundred times and make a post. I try to put a little thought in my posts and to be honest, a few times I’ve almost just thrown in the towel on this thing. But I decided to keep it going and I’m glad I did. That said, check out the other O’s blogs as the season start and through the season: Camden Chat is the first O’s blog that I found and thought it was awesome and still do. The Loss Column, Roar from 34, the Oriole Post, Dempsey’s Army, Roar from 34, Weaver’s Tantrum, Birds in the Belfry, Wayward O, Oriole Magic, RRT, and all the others in my blogroll I have’t mentioned are great. When I started this Camden Chat, Birds in the Belfry and Oriole Magic were the only ones that I can remember that I remember being around. Now we there’s plenty more and hopefully more on the way. It’s fun doing this (usually) and its fun seeing what everyone has on theirs. This season, I’m going to make more of an effort to link to their sites for news instead of the papers or the big time news sites if I can help it.Thanks for sticking with it guys and hopefully we’ll have some winning seasons to talk about soon.

Anyway, its Opening Day and the lousy teams of the past decade are gone. We still have some players to lose….but its a new season for the O’s and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about seeing this team play. It’ll be a long season, but it’ll fun seeing Adam Jones mature into a star. It’ll be fun seeing some of pitchers come up and develop. It’ll be fun seeing Matt Wieters and some of the other kids come from the minors. It’ll fun seeing some of the vets get traded. We won’t have a winning record, but the O’s have a direction finally. I’ll take 100 losses if it makes this franchise finally will be relevant in the future.

Let’s play ball.


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